What is a virtual office?

Virtual office
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Increasingly, owners of large and medium-sized businesses are asking: What is a virtual office? How will it benefit the business? Time spares no one – businesses must change, too. Technology makes life easier not only in everyday life but there are changes in business life, too. Business owners are adopting information technology to increase the efficiency of resource allocation, improve profits, and make it easier to do business. Also, IT in business helps to establish a balance between work and personal life. This might sound fantastic and too good to be true, but it’s easy with a virtual office.

True, all this is possible with the adequate work of all systems, everything works like clockwork perfectly coordinated and fail-safe.  The Hoxton Mix team, as an integrator, was able to find a solution for all processes.

A virtual office is a flexible workspace and inclusive set of online solutions for businesses that make it easy for you to work from any place around the globe without forfeiting the advantages of working in a physical office. Simply put, it provides a digital or online platform to run operations remotely as well as helps you to have a physical presence and address for your business at any place you choose. But it’s not just an address; Virtual Offices not only give you a physical address but also offer a wide variety of services that will keep your business running smoothly, no matter where you are!

What is comprised of the virtual office?

Setting up an office according to your needs is one of the key benefits. The functionality you can buy is varied. Therefore, you can just pay for what you require. 

The features you will get from a virtual office depend on your provider. You may get some important features from the virtual office, including

  • virtual mailbox 
  • toll-free or local telephone numbers
  • availability of meeting rooms
  • an answering machine or live receptionists
  • an administrator who answers questions

How do these functions work? Let’s figure it out

Virtual address for your business

The main problem that a remote business faces is the absence of a physical address. This can cause licensing problems, mail problems, and more. A virtual office is a great solution to these problems. You will not only have an actual mailing address but also be able to use that address to list your company for registration, open a bank account for your business, and even sign up for Google My Business!

With Hoxton Mix, you get an address in the core of one of the financial capitals of the world, London.

Availability of meeting spaces and offices

We’ve said before that you are given a physical address, but this is not an imaginary space. You can even visit the location at any time you like. You can make appointments with clients; you can put your logo there and you don’t have to spend money to maintain your own premises. 

At Hoxton Mix, you get access to different conference rooms, and you can entertain your clients. 

Virtual mailboxes

Mailbox – with it, you can manage your mailbox conveniently. It is also physical and you can get real letters on it and you have real-time access to it. When you receive a letter, the virtual mailbox sends you a notification that indicates the type of mail, who sent it, and whether or not you should spend time reading it. You will also be able to receive an image of the envelope, mark it as unwanted or ask not to send notifications about the parcel from this sender. If necessary, the letter can be scanned and sent to you physically at the actual time of your stay. You will no longer have to go to the post office and you can forget about the long lines.

Telephone services

With Virtual Reception, you can also get a phone number so you can communicate with customers. You will not be called personally. You can also get a secretary who will answer all these calls. It will save you time and nerves. If you are not sure about the virtual answering machine, see how it functions. 

It has a personalized greeting; you can say what it will be. And so, during working hours the call comes in, and the administrator will answer it, say hello to the client, find out the reason for the call, and advise on all possible questions. Will give you all the information, who called why and on what issues. Then you can decide to call the person who called you back or send him your own number. Now you can not be afraid that you will miss an important call or be distracted by an advertising call while doing your hobby or watching a movie. 

You require a virtual office

Whether you are a young and determined startup engineer or the owner of an established company and want to expand to another country, a virtual office is the best choice. You will get flexibility and reliability for your business. Let’s recognize some major benefits you will have at your disposal. 

  • Remote work: You will be able to devote more time to your personal life, self-development, and hobbies. You have more free time. 
  • Small expenses and a good image: A virtual office is cheaper than a real one, and you do not have to pay big money to rent space, for the delivery of water, light, and other consumables.
  • You have the opportunity to quickly expand to another market. Almost instantly move your business to any convenient city outside your country or region, such as London.
  • Grow your business from the ease of your own home or workshop. Turn your business into a global network without spending thousands or millions of dollars and a lot of personal time on legal and another red tape.

Be first! This means keeping up with all the latest trends that will help you prosper. Become simpler, more flexible, more well-organized, more agile, and freer with a virtual office. Say goodbye to those things like finding a suitable location for you where it is convenient to go, and finding administrative staff, and personal assistants. You’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important to your business without being overwhelmed by trivialities. Isn’t that all perfect?