How to Choose the Perfect Modern Outdoor Planters for Your Porch

Outdoor Planters
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More than 40% of British homeowners have plans to update their gardens this year. 

Redecorating is a great way to spruce things up, especially since it’s affordable and can go a long way. If you want to improve your front door, there are a variety of planter styles and decor to consider. You can learn more about how to find modern outdoor planters by reading below! 

Disrupt the Mundane

If you’re looking to spruce things up at home, modern outdoor planters are an affordable solution.

Modern planters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that can turn up the excitement in your yard. Look for unique and bold planter styles to change things up and add color. The best part about placing unique outdoor planters in your yard is that they can help your house stand out from the rest. 

Viewing planter options can help you find inspiration and gather ideas. You can also invest in planters that you’re drawn to, even if they don’t all match. Mixing and matching planters will add depth and character to your home. 

Don’t be afraid to get something that expresses your personality. Even if you have a small yard, you can give your home some character. 

Consider Your Home’s Exterior 

The outside of your home can have a major influence on the types of planters you should consider. 

Whether your home is made of siding materials, brick or stone, you can find planters that won’t camouflage. Although it’s tempting to get planters that match the house, you don’t want things to look dull. Take a look at for some inspiration. 

If you have a simple exterior, large and brightly-colored planters can fill in empty space. Strategically placing planters on a vast porch can improve curb appeal and help you save money on other decor. 

While you choose planters, be selective with your color scheme. Variations of the same color as your house can easily blend in. Contrasting your planters with the front door can help bring things together. 

Pick Your Plants 

If you don’t know what you’re putting inside of your planters, you may get the wrong kind.

It’s best to buy planters as you get plants or after. This will help you determine the correct size and shape that will keep the plant’s roots healthy. Each plant has unique needs, do some research on the best-sized planters for you. 

Many experts recommend buying planters that are at least two inches wider than the plant’s diameter. The additional space will help the roots grow and improve water filtration. Placing plants in small planters could contribute to root rot and other diseases. 

Not all plants are suited for planters. Petunias, verbena, and lavender, however, grow well in these environments. Avoid placing fruit trees, veggies, and herbs in containers. 

Adjust to the Seasons

Sometimes going with one type of planter can be boring, but you can change things up each season.

Seasonal planters are great if you’d like to decorate the yard for the holidays. Depending on your climate and traditions, you can start the theme at the foot of your doorstep. Changing pots when you get new plants can also help them stay healthy since they are better suited for the conditions. 

If you have plastic or pottery planters, they shouldn’t stay outside in the winter. These planters are prone to cracking in cold temperatures, and wood is a safer alternative. Take the time to consider holidays and seasons of the year when buying planters. 

Check the Drainage System

Most types of planters come with a built-in drainage system, but you should always check. 

Viewing the drainage system before buying a planter can help you save money and protect your plants. If you know you’re dealing with a delicate plant, make sure you invest in a planter with several holes and a water-catching feature to keep the soil moist. 

It’s important to keep the soil wet, but you don’t want the roots to become flooded with water. Overwatering can happen if the plants go through growth spurts or are outdoors. You won’t have to stress as much if your planter works with you. 

Set a Budget

As a homeowner, you know that it costs a bit of money to decorate and personalize the house. 

Giving yourself a budget will help you avoid debt and you won’t turn a positive planter into a regret. If you buy large plants and ornamental trees, planters will cost significantly more. The middle and end of summer is a great time to buy yard planters, but don’t be shocked if inventory is low. 

Another time you can find affordable planters is in the fall. Just before the holiday inventory arrives, stores host sales to reduce old inventory. Take advantage of semi-annual sales to get the best planters for your money. 

Determine if the Planter Is Durable Enough

It’s not uncommon to find unglazed plastic and glazed pottery planters, but these can quickly deteriorate. 

Durability and permeability are critical when buying your planters, even if you have a covered porch. Extreme temperatures, wind, and rain can crack these planters and make them brittle. As the roots expand, they may push through the cracks and cause a mess. 

Think about the types of plants you want to put in the planters so the material is strong enough. Not only do you need the planter to be weatherproof, but you also need it to hold up your plants. Unglazed terracotta and wood are recommended since they are breathable materials. 

Bring Your Home to 2023 With Modern Outdoor Planters

Modern outdoor planters can help you bring your home back to life and create a warm welcome. Garden planters can make a big statement in your yard, especially if you focus on contrasting colors.

You can show your personality and make your home easier to locate with artistic planter styles. Don’t be afraid to get abstract or custom pots for your home.

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