Tips for Renovating Your House

Renovating Your House
Image Source: Unsplash

Planning on renovating your house? As many as 88% of Brits invested in home renovations in the last year, so it is clear that people in this country have an appetite for home improvement right now. It is likely that changing lifestyle habits as a result of the pandemic and the rise of remote work contribute to this, but it is important to know that home renovations should not be taken lightly. Here are a few tips that should help you to find success with your project.

Spend Time in the Space

There are many important decisions that need to be made when renovating your home, but they do not need to be made all at once. You will find that some decisions can and should be put off until the end. It is a good idea to spend time in your new space before deciding on things like wall colors, light fixtures, and layouts. There is no huge rush for these decisions, so get used to your new space before making these kinds of decisions.

Invest in JCT Insurance

If you are planning a large renovation project or anything that involves groundwork, it is always smart to invest in JCT insurance. Also known as non-negligence insurance, this will provide protection against any claims relating to damage or loss to surrounding properties where no negligence can be proven. It is important to be aware that you are liable to pay for damage if damage to a neighbouring house occurs and the contractor has not made any mistakes, so you do not want to run the risk and this insurance will provide peace of mind.

Set Realistic Timeline

It is also important to be realistic about your project timeline. You will want the work to be done quickly, but home renovation projects can take a long time to complete and delays are common. This is why you need to be realistic and give yourself a buffer to manage any delays that arise.

Expect the Unexpected

Leading on from this, you should expect the unexpected and consider what issues could arise that could disrupt the project. This could include things like weather delaying work, builder sickness, or mistakes made by the architect.

Interview Several Contractors

When it comes to choosing contractors, you should always interview a few different individuals/companies. Obviously, cost will be an important factor, but you also need to make sure that you choose contractors that you find it easy to communicate with and trust. Cheapest is not best when it comes to contractors and you want to find those with a positive reputation – it is a good idea to speak to any references they provide.

Decide on Design Ideas

You have to be very clear about your design preferences. Once you are clear about your preferences, you can then call an interior designer and explain to him or her your preferences regarding house renovation. If you are not familiar with different design ideas, you can browse magazines about home decorations, visit the websites of interior decorations, and watch design shows. Inform your designer about your vision as well as your budget for the house renovation. Prepare a plan with your designer on how to complete the renovation project within your budget.

Start with Kitchen Renovation

There are multiple reasons why you should start renovating your kitchen first. First of all, kitchen renovation adds substantial value to your house. If you sell your home in the future, you will be able to recover most of the cost of kitchen renovation and get a good price for your house. Other than that, kitchen renovation will create the most debris and dust and that can affect the paint of other areas of your home. Therefore, it is better to start with renovating the kitchen and then move to other areas of your home. 

If you are planning a home renovation project, the advice in this post will be useful and help you succeed. Therefore, follow these tips and have a successful house renovation.