Top 3 privacy coins to consider for investors


Cryptos have earned popularity because of many factors. They are anonymity and privacy. A lot of them aid users in concealing their identities apart from their transactions. In the middle of mounting concerns regarding early cryptos’ anonymity like Bitcoin, then, visit for more information about this article.

Privacy coins are cryptos focussing hugely on security. They keep transactions of users anonymous. For a long time, this has been one of the biggest appeals of cryptos. Yet they are focussed on anonymity which gives privacy coins a kind of reputation. The shady image of these coins may blind investors to a big opportunity.

As the name implies, privacy coins are a type of popular crypto-focused to make transactions completely secure, untraceable, and anonymous. For example, some privacy coins make use of a dedicated wallet for generating one-time addresses for each transaction that users do use this coin. Such addresses are usable only for a transaction. It can never be traced back to identifying data regarding the two involved parties in this exchange.

Due to their huge focus on anonymity, these coins have earned something of one unsavory reputation in the online space. The privacy coins have been designed for legal uses, but few malicious groups or individuals used them hugely for illegitimate activities such as laundering of money, Dark Web marketplaces transactions, and ransomware operations.

Yet some parties used privacy coins for illegitimate activities, and many enthusiasts of crypto with legal concerns regarding financial security and privacy have thrown all support behind such coins. These supporters strongly believe that such coins have much potential to revolutionize the financial industry’s landscape. Even after these few alerts, investors may be still unsure regarding supporting privacy coins.

Check out some popular privacy-oriented cryptos that include many built-in privacy features. Such claims of offering upgraded security features or options aid in keeping the identities of users and activities well concealed.

Here are the top 3 privacy coins that investors must consider.

Monero (XMR)

The main aim of this coin is privacy and anonymity. This crypto was established back in 2014. It makes use of strong encryption for hiding not only the sender but also the receiver. Apart from security and privacy, the team that developed Monero, stressed the simplicity of use along with efficiency as another most vital consideration. Irrespective of their technical proficiency level, it aims at safeguarding every user. Today the price of Monero is USD 129.25. It is having a USD 73275569 trading volume of 24 hours. It is 0.85% down in the past 24 hours.

Zcash (ZEC)

It is decentralized crypto that is privacy-focussed. Transactions get verified without any disclosure of sensitive data. This is because of the proof method of zk-SNARK zero-knowledge. By default, these transactions hide the addresses of both the sender and the receiver apart from the transaction value. Yet disclosing such information to audit or regulatory reasons is also possible. Today the price of Zcash is USD 66.91. It has a USD 76037644 trading volume of 24 hours. It was 2.78 % down in the past 24 hours.

Haven Protocol (XHV)

Haven Protocol is used like one offshore bank to create private tokens that represent stable or volatile assets such as fiat currencies and commodities. Most of the capabilities of Monero like bulletproofs or other technologies enhancing privacy are available on this system. The main currency of Haven is the XHV. It is used for creating assets. It is mainly a class of anonymous, untraceable, and private digital assets along with commodities. Now the coin’s price is USD 0.579834. It is having USD 111186 trading volume in 24 hours. In the past 24 hours, this coin was 1.49% up.


Privacy is a desired feature in this virtual world. It includes huge criminal element’s perils. Crypto operators need to fend off many hacking attempts by different malicious participants. Agencies of law enforcement along with regulators are likely to investigate individuals with huge transactions. Bitcoin is the most well-known choice. But it is by the government agencies. They are very good at Bitcoin transaction tracing. They create a powerful incentive for switching to a lot of private cryptos. Bitcoin is a popular choice for protecting the identity of a user and thus transactions are targeted constantly and thus government agencies monitor them. By tracing transactions of Bitcoin they are creating a very solid incentive for users to switch to highly private cryptos such as those that are mentioned here.