Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Student Apps

Being a student is harder than it seems. Young people have to juggle many things at once. They have to take care of their studies while keeping a part-time job and balancing their social life and personal needs. Fortunately, students can always rely on the digital world to make their lives a little bit easier. Here are the best apps every student should use.


Writing has become so much easier and more enjoyable since the Grammarly creation. Indeed, now students can stay fully dedicated to the meaning, creativity, and ideas, leaving the technical aspects to the app. Grammarly, judging by the name already, is a grammar checker. Though, it can do much more than that. This software can spot any type of mistake possible in texts. Hence, it can correct your writing style, clarity, word flow, and, of course, grammar and punctuation.

Overall, Grammarly is a perfect program for students struggling with creating clean papers. Unfortunately, most of us can’t recall every grammar rule during creative work. Editing is also a rare skill to develop in your early twenties. Of course, one can find paid editing help online after reading things like reviews and alike. Or students can just open the free version of Grammarly and proofread papers online themselves. As a bonus, a paid software version also has a plagiarism checker.


Focus and concentration are two big factors in your study success. Unfortunately, these two skills remain somewhat unattainable to young people with a short attention span. Social media and the general fast past of life have taught young people little patience or the ability to focus for long periods. Unfortunately, such a lack of concentration can seriously harm one’s chances of succeeding in school. However, there is a solution.
Freedom is a blocking app that can help you eliminate all digital distractions for the time being. You get to choose how much time you need and what sites and apps to block. There will be no chances of accessing those block platforms until the timer runs out. It means no more temptations, notifications, messaging, etc. A student can enjoy a calm, productive environment perfect for studying.


One needs to put their thoughts, ideas, and notes somewhere, right? The era of writing everything down in a notebook has gone to the past. It’s inconvenient and often messy. Evernote can greatly enhance the note-taking process. Consider it a digital notebook of the future. There, you can organize all your notes according to their purposes or areas of study. You can put labels and tags to ease your search in the future. Additionally, you can use the Evernote templates to make plans, create timetables, or even pack your luggage for a trip.

Students can share access to their notes with friends and peers. So, it enables remote teamwork and serves as a powerful cooperation platform. In addition, one can open Evernote on two devices at once and enjoy all its main functions for free.

Google Drive

Speaking of organization, aren’t you tired of all those files, books, and other study materials cluttering your desktop and computer memory? Of course, you are! Students often fear deleting old materials thinking they may need those later. Yet, storing such an immense scope of digital files can get rather challenging. Fortunately, you can always rely on Google Drive or other cloud software to keep all your files in perfect order.


Students often have a lot on their minds and schedules. Juggling all the activities, plans, and homework deadlines can get tricky. Todoist can make such a process so much easier. This application can help you break down all your plans and organize them accordingly. Hence, you can create separate lists for different areas of your lives and plans. Use color schemes to make things even easier.

Next, you can set the level of emergency for each task and put them into your calendar. You can even sync your app calendar with the one on your phone if you’d like. The app will remind you about your tasks by sending notifications and showing missed to-do’s.
Overall, this app is perfect for bringing order into your life. It will help you see all your tasks and plan things. Thus, students can less frequently turn to professionals to make urgent orders at every time they are close to missing a deadline. Todoist will remind you of important dates in advance.

Pomodoro Timer

We all study differently. We use different methods and try various learning techniques. Well, Pomodoro Timer offers you to try one of the most popular learning styles of today. It’s a method of learning that strictly depends on timing. Thus, the timer helps you track each study session and break, showing how much progress you make in each learning session.

Typically, the Pomodoro method encourages studying for 25 minutes straight with five-minute breaks in between. However, you can also change the settings to your liking. The app will also keep the statistics for you. So, you can outline the number of hours you plan to spend on each task. In addition, the app will show you how well you manage, your progress, total learning hours per week and day, etc. You can use these statistics later to make improvements and adjust your study plans accordingly.