Top 6 Train-Your-Brain Apps That Will Help You Study Easier

Brain Train

Being a student isn’t easy. On the contrary, it is an everyday challenge that students have to overcome in order to become their better selves. But, no matter how hard it feels at first, there are always ways to make it easier, one of which is to start training your brain.

If you are also looking for opportunities to ease your studies and strengthen your mind, we’ve got you covered. In the list below, we have gathered the top six handy student apps that will help you reach both goals at once.

1. EssayPro

A huge part of students’ lives is taken by homework and other school assignments. Thus, if you are looking for apps to ease your studies and train your brain, it makes pretty good sense to focus on the writing part. And EssayPro is the best for this. EssayPro offers students essay writing services; in the end, you get a well-researched, high-quality, and original paper with no effort. It is a real game-changer for students.

How will it help? First and foremost, you will be able to cope with your assignments faster and easier and boost your grades. Thus, it is perfect for helping you study easier. But, that’s not all.

By receiving top-notch papers written by real pros, students will also get a chance to improve their own writing. And, if that’s not enough, EssayPro will also save you plenty of time for things that matter, for example, for training your brain further.

2. Lumosity

The next one on our list, Lumosity is an application that focuses on improving the following functions of your brain:

  • Memory;
  • Attention;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Processing speed;
  • Flexibility of thinking.

Lumosity helps users to improve these areas by playing different games. Every game is played against the clock. A complete session consists of three games that you have to play in a row. The best part of this app is that the games change every time, which means that you will never get bored with it.

According to developers, having just one session with Lumosity a day will help you train your brain and boost mental skills in a short period of time.

3. Brain Trainer Special

Brain Train Apps
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For Android users, Brain Trainer Special could be a good pick. This app is very similar to Lumosity. It also contains a large base of fun games designed to help users keep their minds sharp and fit.

What can it do for you? The core focus of this application is memory. A big part of games is created to help you improve your memory and start retaining information in different forms for a longer time.

Another key focus is math. The app helps users to learn how to solve various problems faster and easier.

The difficulty of games varies from super easy to extremely complex. So, when you start seeing progress, you can always increase the difficulty level and take your skills even further.

4. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Another cool option available for iOS devices is CogniFit Brain Fitness. Among all apps for learning, CogniFit is one of the best ones. It is a game-based application that was designed to help users take their core cognitive abilities to the next level. The best part of it is that it was designed by professional neuroscientists, which is why it is so effective.

With this app, students can boost their concentration and memory. According to developers, the first positive results can be seen in the shortest time if you devote 20 minutes playing the games every two or three days.

Want to see it for yourself? CogniFit allows users to track their progress and receive personalized recommendations based on their results.

5. Happify

Though not many realize this, feeling happy and retaining a positive attitude is extremely important for being productive and achieving academic success. But, is it even possible to train your brain to feel happy? Yes, it is and Happify can help you with that!

This application is built around the core concepts of positive psychology. With its help, students can acquire a variety of essential life-changing habits that will lead them to less stressful and much more fulfilling lives.

How can it help you study easier? By eliminating stress and teaching you how to stay positive, Happify can boost your focus and productivity both in school and in life.

6. Elevate

Finally, the last one on our list, Elevate is another well-rounded brain training app that can change students’ lives forever. It is available for both iOS and Android users, and has a free version, though it is limited in options.

Elevate features over 30 great games designed to help you improve a variety of skills, including memory, focus, comprehension, and many others. According to developers, regular commitment can help users enhance their self-confidence, processing skills, productivity, speaking abilities, and sharpen their minds. 

Apart from this, it is worth noting that Elevate is highly personalized. Based on your activity and results, the app will suggest to you the areas on which you should focus the most. It also has a calendar feature that can help you stay motivated and train your brain regularly. Finally, it has an adaptive difficulty feature that keeps games equally challenging and engaging no matter how far you proceed.

The Bottom Line

Every student faces a wide variety of challenges while being in school and college. This is natural and often happens simply due to the lack of certain skills or overall brain power. But, here is a thing – your cognitive abilities and your brain can be improved. Just like you can learn marketing, you can learn cognitive skills. And, just like you can train your muscles, you can train your brain and, thus, start studying easier.

After reading this article, you have the complete least of the best applications for keeping your mind sharp, improving its functions, and achieving a variety of other goals. Be sure to try these apps and we guarantee that you will feel the difference!