5 Apps That Can Make You a Better Writer

Better Writer

Writing isn’t always a piece of cake. Students can understand the pain and struggle of working with lengthy essays and long hours of research. Sometimes it doesn’t even pay off because they lack the skill set. Well, not to worry, we are here to make it better with these tips!


Becoming a better writer doesn’t always mean isolating yourself, sitting in a dull room, and working. Sometimes people find creativity in sounds, ambiance, and much more. It makes us more productive, and we can think clearly. No, we aren’t saying you have to overdo it to the point where it distracts you, but it sure sounds like the café, rain, or something that soothes your mind works wonders.

Coffitivity is an app created by a group of entrepreneurs to work better. When they saw potential in the idea, they used it to benefit others by recreating ambient sounds using Coffitivity. Whether you’re a brazil bistro person or a lunchtime lounge kind of individual, it works for all types of people who need a particular environment to be productive.

When you have the right environment and feel comfortable, you can write professionally. Yes, you might need a little work here and there to polish your grammar, language, and spelling, but creativity will never be a problem.

If you still don’t feel too confident about your writing skills, you can always reach out to an online service to get cheap pre-written essays online. That way, the burden of lengthy assignments will be off your shoulders, and you will also be able to focus on other tasks.


Many students love Grammarly. You might be wondering why. Well, there are plenty of international students or native speakers who sometimes don’t have a good grip over grammar and spelling. The language itself has a confusing vocabulary, and in many areas, students get confused as to which word is suitable for the context. So, they turn to the best apps for writing, like Grammarly.

Here is everything that Grammarly can help students with:

  • Spellings;
  • Grammar;
  • Sentence structure;
  • Word choice;
  • Content;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Punctuation;
  • Repetition.
Image Source: Screenshot Taken from Grammarly App

So much in a single app! It is truly a game-changer for you. Many students still use the free version to improve their slight errors. However, if you need to level up a lot, get a premium subscription and see how it changes your writing skills completely.

Are you worried about formatting? When students upload a paper on an app, the format, font, and font size. It becomes a hassle to readjust everything, and it’s pretty time-consuming. But with this application, you will never have to worry about this, and it keeps the format consistent when you download the edited file. You can also get a Grammarly extension and automatically use it on your MS Word.


Every app is unique because they have their settings and follow a different correction method. What sets Hemingway apart is the unique Ernest Hemingway writing style followed to edit papers. The app is fantastic because it will identify all the common errors in your task and decrease the number of confusing sentences in the file. It breaks them down into smaller sentences that make more sense.

If you have overused a weaker verb, you can bid farewell to it with the help of Hemingway. There might be some sentences you might have written in the passive voice; they will also vanish thanks to Hemingway. There is a free version that you can use directly from the Hemingway website. However, if you’re someone who likes to work offline and focus on the paper, then you can get a subscription of $19.99.

It is a better writing app because there will be a different highlight color for every category of mistakes, so you can quickly identify where you have gone wrong. For example, for adverbs or qualifiers, the highlights get blue. The highlight turns red for a hard-to-read, complex, and lengthy sentence. That way, you can keep track of your mistakes like a piece of cake!

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Here is a dictionary you will fall in love with because of the convenience it offers. As the name suggests, this “OneLook” dictionary helps you find every word. The catch here is that you type the definition first! Yes! You might have a description in mind but are confused about which word to use? Just type it in and see a list of suitable words. That’s how the reverse aspect of the name comes into play.

This perfect writing skills app will work like a charm for you because students struggle the most with vocabulary. It causes extreme stress because your paper stands weak, and there is a considerable lack of credibility without the right word choices.

You can also use this dictionary when you know a word but can’t explain it. Another way to use this app is to enter the alphabet pattern you remember from the word, and the dictionary will display all similar comments in a list for you. The application is like a magic wand for students who struggle with writing. It is like a 180-degree turn for them!

Calmly Writer

A list of apps to improve writing skills remains incomplete without mentioning Calmly Writer. The website knows precisely why you’re here: to write. And if there are multiple distractions in your way, you will never be able to focus. So, what it does is that it eliminates any other options that can grab your attention and distract you from writing which is excellent because it improves the quality of your work, and you can write better that way without a care in the world.

If you choose the focus mode, only the paragraphs you are editing will appear on the screen, and everything else disappears from the interface. It follows an autosave system, so you will not lose all your effort even if you lose the internet or forget to save the work yourself.

If you want to format the text a certain way, select the text, go to your desired style, and ta-da! It’s all done. Calmly Writer is an efficient writing skills app, so make sure you have it at your disposal at all times.


Make sure you have all these apps on your laptop or your phone. They will save your grades by a significant margin. Your work will improve, and you will notice your writing getting better day by day. You must capitalize on such an excellent opportunity to take your essays to the next level!