Top Features Of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the biggest Cloud Service Provider in the current market. It is way ahead of its rivals Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. There are various reasons why there are so many customers using AWS services. Today everyone is eyeing optimizing their cloud strategies to gain an advantage over their business rivals. Let us discuss the top features of Amazon Web Services or AWS: 


All AWS Services are cost-effective as they charge on a per-hour basis. All services are charged per usage. How much storage you are using, how much computing power are you using, and the duration of hours you are using the services. For example, EC2 instances are charged on a per hour basis, S3 buckets are charged per GB, etc. All the payments for AWS Services are done through Billing dashboards, that is very clear and transparent. This integrated dashboard offers a clear report that is on-demand, on a monthly basis, depending on the services you are using, etc. 

It offers all the significant Cloud Services

AWS offers all the major Cloud Services for its customers. And these three major services are considered as the pillars of Cloud Computing. 

They are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). 

Let’s talk a bit about these three pillars of Cloud Computing. Infrastructure is the foundation of any cloud architecture. AWS offers all the basic computing infrastructure that its customers require to get their business up and running in no time. These basic services which come under Cloud architecture are storage, networking, servers, and other resources. IT admins handle all the infrastructure side of Cloud computing for a business. Amazon EC2 is based on IaaS architecture which companies can use to set up a website or analyze data, and for many more applications. If you are from London and are wishing to get yourself trained in AWS, check out this AWS training in London

PaaS is another major pillar and is a growing market in Cloud Computing. Software developers rely on this architecture of service to develop and test their applications without having to worry about infrastructure-related problems. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk is one of the finest examples of PaaS architecture that many businesses and companies are using.

SaaS is the fastest growing market in the Cloud domain. And is predicted to grow at a massive rate in the coming years too. This pillar of Cloud Computing architecture helps companies run cloud-based web apps like Gmail, Google Sheets, or Google Docs. AWS offers SaaS services through many customized services like AWS SNS, SES, etc. 

Global presence

AWS currently has 81 Availability Zones across 25 regions around the world. They are planning for more than 21 Availability Zones in 7 more regions. So what it means is that when a business subscribes to using AWS services, they get to interact with a global audience better and in a low-latent fashion. 

Scalable and Elastic

The biggest advantage of using AWS Cloud services is that you get to scale resources like networking, computing, storage, database, and a range of other resources just with a few clicks according to the demand. If demand is more you can scale up, and if resources are less, you can scale them down. That will save a huge amount of money and will help you meet the rising demand without going down. 

Elastic nature or Elasticity is the ability of a service to distribute incoming traffic in an application across multiple targets like IP address, messaging service, instances, etc. Elastic Load Balancer service in AWS helps you with Elasticity. 


AWS Cloud Service offers you fantastic services that are reliable, scalable, and flexible all at the same time. AWS provides flexibility to its users by giving them the option of choosing their own OSs, Programming Language, Database type, delivery location, pay-per-usage, on-demand services, etc. This amount of flexibility helps businesses to focus on their business operations rather than worrying about the back-end or infrastructure-related issues. Programming Languages that you can choose from are Java, Python, Ruby, Nodejs, Go, etc. 

There is a number of services like AWS CloudFormation which businesses can use to migrate their on-premise application to the cloud very easily and quickly. All of these could also be done in an affordable way. AWS also offers you another service named AWS OpsWorks which helps you in updating resources in a matter of seconds, so that businesses can focus more time on developing applications and see to their growth rather than wasting time worrying about the infrastructure. 

Stable and reputed vendor

AWS is the market leader and is considered one of the most innovative companies of recent times. It has stood the test of time and has emerged as one of the highly successful companies offering Cloud services. Amazon Web Services has the majority shares in the Cloud Computing market and has pretty high profile customers in the form of LinkedIn, Netflix, Apple, Adobe, Airbnb, many governmental agencies like the CIA, NASA, etc. This built huge respect and reputation for AWS in the eyes of customers for their safety of data and stability of services. 

Simplified certification paths 

AWS has clearly defined roles and offers certification exams for each of those roles. AWS has a clear exam guide, documentation, whitepapers, and all the other resources. AWS Certifications are highly valued in the industry. You can take up their certifications and for that, you can self-teach yourself or you can enroll in any recognized training institute for that matter.