A Peep Into Travis Scott Networth in 2022

Travis Scott Net worth

Have you been vibing on the track of Antidote lately? If you are still hooked on the catchy lyrics and the dandy tune of it, don’t you want to know more about the artist? Travis Scott, an American-based record producer has been hitting top ranks in the music world. With four #1 tracks on the Hot-100 list, Travis Scott’s Networth is something to look forward to.

Let us find out more about the record producer. 

Early Life and Struggle

Growing up with his grandmother in a disturbing neighborhood, Travis Scott found solace in music. When he reached 6, he moved on to live with his parents in Missouri City. Being an alumnus of Elkins High School, he graduated at 17, then further moved on to the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Music flowed into his bloodstream. With his father and grandfather being artists themselves, music became his sole way to express his experiences in life. During his High School, Travis was actively involved in musical theatre. 

Travis soon became a part of the musical groups like “The Graduates” and “The Classmates” before moving on to NYC. At the NYC, he collaborated with Mike Waxx, his friend, before leaving for Los Angeles. 

2008 saw the release of debut album of Scott, being a part of “The Graduates” He worked on two more projects, being a part of “The Classmates” before releasing his first solo work. May 2013 is the year when the solo mixtape titled “Owl Pharaoh” hit iTunes.

“Days before Rodeo” became the second mixtape to hit the market, before he went on to release “Rodeo”, his first studio album. 

The album garnered positive reviews all across – with a debut at #3 on the US Billboard 200 chart. 

Success Post First Album Release

His first #1 album was “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”, released in September 2016. It proved to be a big break that Scott needed, as he signed the worldwide deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Following this was “AstroWorld”, from which “SickoMode” gave him the much-awaited stardom. Other than being an active recording artist, he is a renowned producer working for artists like Kayne West, JayZ, Drake, and many more. 

Travis Scott Networth

The main source of income for Travis Scott is from record sales, tours, and music production. From September 2017 to June 2020, he amassed more than $180 million, owing to his record sales, and swashbuckling hit Astroworld tour. 

Wondering how much does Travis Scott’s net worth stand? The net worth stands close to $60 million dollars that including the 12,000 square ft apartment in Houston & a mansion worth $23.5 million at Brentwood. Furthermore, his real estate list also includes properties in Brentwood a $13.5 million worth mansion near Beverly Hills. 

Travis Scott has been an influential figure in the music industry. Being one of the highest-paid rappers on the planet for 2018, his wealth makes him stand atop. Being in the headlines for his relationship with the American model, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott has been quite a strong influence in the modern rapping industry.