5 Different Types of Nike Shoes for Running

Nike Shoes for Running

Did you know that Nike has a market share of about 50% worldwide? People love the different types of Nike shoes because of their quality and ability to deliver on your expectations. If you consider going for a run, these are the go-to shoes.

You are probably asking yourself if the shoes will suit your terrain. Perhaps you plan to go for a run on a hilly area or a path full of snow.

Different types of Nike shoes incorporate specific designs to suit your environment. All you have to do is look for Nike shoes that match your requirements.

Below are some of the popular options you’ll come across.

1. Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

This shoe weighs 302g and 244g for men and women, respectively. It doesn’t look like a traditional stability shoe at a glance, probably because it lacks the firm medial post in its interior.

However, the shoe has a clip in the midsole that extends to the outside of the heel. This clip is responsible for increased stability and support to runs. The clip design converts the Flyknit 2 into a stealthy stability shoe.

Nike React Infinity run is a rare collection since its design makes it a proper selection for everyday running. Nike used React foam to make the midsole; thus, the shoe is responsive and durable.

React foam isn’t the lightest material available, but the shoe’s rocker geometry compensates for the shortfall. The geometry makes transitions smoother during footstrike. This should be your choice shoe if you are a neutral runner.

2. The ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2

If you are a racing enthusiast looking to elevate your performance, look no further. Invest in the new ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 collection to outrun your opponents by turbocharging your runs. This shoe is an upgraded version of its predecessor that’s more comfortable.

Its midsole consists of a combination of ZoomX foam and a carbon-fiber plate. These are feather-weight materials that provide a spring of rebound during the run. When it comes to the overall material of the shoe, Nike opted for an engineered mesh.

The mesh is snug, but it doesn’t constrict your legs when you put them on. The top of the shoe’s tongue has an extra layer of padding to cushion users from excessive pressure from the laces. These modifications are way better than the previous version’s nylon material.

At a weight of 196g and a drop of 8mm, ZoomX promises comfort and enhanced performance for racers. Even if you opt to run for longer distances, the shoe does the trick.

3. Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX

Going for a run-on nature and other trails is a favorite pass time for many people. The runs rejuvenate your body as the scenic views along the trails refresh your soul. If you don’t have the right shoe for this setting, the whole experience can be a painful nightmare.

GORE-TEX is a hybrid shoe that’s perfect for road-to-trail runs. Its midsole has the React foam, which is quite flexible and soft.

Additionally, the toebox has more than sufficient space, and the heels fit well on users, thanks to the deeper heel cups on these shoes. GORE-TEX boasts an additional tongue padding that enables users to tie the shoes tightly without feeling extra pressure on their feet.

One thing that people dread during nature trail runs is the sudden weather change. If you don’t have the right shoes, you risk running around with wet feet.

GORE-TEX is waterproof, so the weather should never be a concern when you have them on. It also has a toe bumper that offers extra protection to the front parts of your foot. Since debris can get into your shoe easily on nature trails, designers gusseted the shoe’s tank to keep them out.

4. Nike Winflo 8

If you’ve been a fan of Nike sneakers from when Nike Dunk Low was the hottest shoe on the street, you might have noticed a trend. The price of new Nike Shoes keeps going up; it’s tougher to find decent types of Nike running shoes when you are on a budget. Don’t give up yet before checking out the Nike Winflo 8.

Nike Winflo 8 doesn’t boast of lighter carbon fiber and React foam materials. But it has a Cushlon foam that makes running just as smooth. Its midsole contains Zoom Air units that increase the shoe’s responsiveness during runs.

When it comes to comfort, the shoe won’t disappoint you. The Cushlon foam is very soft, the heels and ankles are cushioned, and Flywire cables beneath the laces make the shoe fit snugly.

Together with the pricing of the shoe, these features make Nike Winflo 8 the better option for first-time runners who are on a budget.

5. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is the best choice for people who prefer to go for long runs. The high-mileage shoe is a pioneer in using the lightweight ZoomX foam for the midsole of Nike’s collection for long runs. The air pods beneath the forefoot provide an energy return and additional cushioning during runs.

This shoe is good for long-run training because of the padded heel collar, the pillow-soft tongue, and the smooth silk back half of the shoe. These features offer comfort as well as stability during runs.

When you put on the shoes, you may feel like your feet won’t be secure during the run. That’s just an illusion created by the design features. This shows how impressive the shoe is at delivering on its functions.

The Different Types of Nike Shoes

There are different types of Nike shoes for different purposes. As a person who loves to go for runs, get a shoe whose design favours the kind of run you engage in. This will help you enhance your performance, comfort, and security as you engage in the runs. . Apart from Nike running shoes, you can also go for choosing a reputable US brand like “Loom Footwear” that specializes in designing lightweight flexible shoes & lightweight running shoes that perfectly hugs your feet, providing the best comfort and cushioning, while you’re running on the tracks or on your treadmill at home. These shoes are also 100% waterproof, as they’re manufactured by using a specially knit breathable material.

The above are some options that suit a particular type of run. Try one of them today.

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