Walter The Dog— Did Walter die due to a gunshot wound- Let’s find Out

Walter Dog was dead

A bull terrier who has been trending on social media for quite some time for his human-like smile. No, it’s not any other dog but the famous Walter. Netizens call the dog Walter or Pana Walter, but his original name is Nelson. Today, it takes minutes for people to go viral and trend across continents. Although not a person, Walter trended in 2018 for his close-up picture where he was seen sitting straight with a wide smile. To many, it gave joy and a moment to pure laughter. 

The owner was the person involved in uploading Walter’s smiling photo on social media with the caption – “When u open the front-facing camera on accident”. People on the internet found it incredible, and the picture started to do the rounds from one social media account to the other, and then, just like that, the picture was trending. Even now in 2020, people associate with the picture, and multiple memes with Walter’s picture still remain on the internet. 

Death of Walter Dog 

There are both good and bad sides to trends like these. Just like this picture trended, someone also spread a hoax of Walter’s dog dying. This is completely wrong. As confirmed by many associated with Water, he is very much alive and enjoying his days with his owner. The one who tried to spread this misinformation about Walters death was no other than an online website — that first posted that Walter dog was dead. Once people learned about his death, social media users from across the globe went online to grieve. Many tweeted and shared links to the website. 

It took some time, but the original owner of Walter also heard about his hook and immediately reached out to social media to inform people and Walters fans that he was very much alive. Nelson a.k.a, Walter has a peaceful life with her. 

What about the picture of the injured dog shown as Walter Dog on the website? 

Well, upon further investigation, Netizens learned that the picture was false and the dead dog was actually Billy. Billy was shot during an armed robbery that took place in Philadelphia where brave Billy was trying to protect his owner. When Billy and his owner were walking down the street, armed men tried to assault and rob the 25-year-old. The good news is that Billy too is alive and is recovering from the gunshot.