Websites Like Ruble: Get a List of Websites to Earn Russian Money

Earn Money from websites like Ruble
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Are you looking for websites to earn rubles daily? The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has increased the demand for Russian currency. Several websites including Ruble have emerged those offer people to earn Russian currency by liking, commenting, or following photos and videos. This is why people around the globe are looking for the websites like Ruble where they can earn money by liking or watching videos and photos. In this article, we will inform you about some legit websites to earn millions of rubles.

Six Websites Like Ruble:

Ruble is a popular website that gives you an opportunity to earn rubles by liking, commenting, or following pictures and videos. There are plenty of websites like Ruble with various features to earn Russian currencies and trade them. Let’s take a look at the six most popular websites similar to Ruble.

1. GetLike:

GetLike is one of the most famous websites like Ruble for earning rubles through commenting, liking, and following social media profiles. The main focus of this website is to improve the number of followers. This website lets you earn more than 200 rubles every day and a minimum withdrawal of 100 rubles.

2. Ipweb:

Another excellent website to earn rubles utilizing social media platforms is Ipweb. After signing up with this website, the users will have to make comments and like on social media posts. The minimum withdrawal allowed on this website is 5 rubles.

3. VKTarget:

VKTarget is also a popular website to earn money from social media platforms. If you have at least 15 rubles in your VKTarget wallet, you can withdraw the access money.

4. Colorlib:

This is a completely different website from the above-mentioned websites. This website allows you to play a lottery to earn rubles. You will find various options to play a lottery and each option will reward you with a unique prize amount in rubles. The users can withdraw their money at a minimum of 10 rubles.

5. Socpublic:

Socpublic is based on an old concept of earning money online by watching advertisements. So, as a user of this website, you just have to watch plenty of ads to earn rubles. It might be boring, but at the end of the day, you will earn some exciting money. The withdrawal limit is 9 rubles on this website.

6. Teaserfast:

This website asks you to do a simple job rather than watching, liking, or commenting on the videos. Here, you have to browse through different internet browsers. For instance, we mainly browse through Google chrome, but with this website, you have to use plenty of browsers for browsing and earning money. The most interesting thing about this website is that you can withdraw a minimum of 1 ruble.

Are These Websites Authentic?

Among plenty of online websites, there are many scams. Thus, we can not assure you of the legitimacy of the above-mentioned websites. However, based on the online resources, we have listed some well-reputed websites. You should always be very careful while using these websites and never share your personal sensitive information.