What are blue light glasses and why do I need them?

Blue light glasses

Whilst we’ve moved into a digital era, our daily habits have changed and our screen time has increased. We’ve gone from reading a physical newspaper to checking the news online or reading a paperback book to using a digital tablet, and it doesn’t stop there. We spend hours scrolling through social media or catching up on TV series, constantly using digital devices in our day-to-day activities. This increased exposure means higher exposure to blue light, a harmful UV light emitted from the sun, but also from our digital screens. We’re here to talk you through blue light, how you consume it, how this can affect you, and how you can protect your eyes with a pair of blue light glasses.

What is blue light?

Blue light, additionally called blue-beam light, is a particular sort of light with a short frequency. Blue Light is emitted from the digital devices that we use every day, for example, our mobile phone, TV, laptop, and various other digital gadgets.

When presented with an excess of blue light during the day, eyes can become exhausted. Blue light can make it hard to zero in on the screen, causing eyes to strain in order to focus. You might be on electronic machines for over 10 hours every day, both at home and at work, which can be a major contributor to this effect. Individuals have begun to stress over the wellbeing impacts of blue light emitted from screens.

There’s developing clinical proof that blue light might cause prolonged eye damage due to the eyes becoming over-worked from digital eye strain.

Importance of blue light glasses

Blue light glasses have passages in their lenses that obstruct the blue light wavelengths from reaching the eye. The blue light filter creates a shield over the eye, to prevent the wavelengths from reaching the retina. That implies if you utilize these glasses when checking out a screen, particularly into the evening, they can assist with decreasing openness to blue light waves, keeping you more alert!

This also helps with lessening eye strain. Blue light glasses protect our eyes from water loss, burning eyes, blurred vision, and difficulty in concentrating. If you use or work on a digital screen for prolonged hours in the day, blue light glasses will help to reduce digital eye strain, with wearers of blue light glasses noticing a positive knock-on effect and improvement.

Blue light lenses make the unavoidable long stretches of screen time more agreeable, as well. Regardless of whether you’re wearing them for gaming, working all day on a computer screen, or drama watching your favorite show, blue light blocker glasses help you feel more comfortable and protect your eyes. Also known as screen glasses, computer glasses or gaming glasses, they’re designed with lightweight materials to sit comfortably on your face – and they look pretty good too!

Online shopping for blue light glasses

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