What Is a Hot Drop Jackpot?

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Progressive jackpots have added plenty of excitement to online slots in the past, but the addition of Hot Drop Jackpots is set to raise these games to a whole new level of fun.

What are these prizes and how can you win them? Check it out below and learn how to play hot drop jackpot.

Understanding Progressive Jackpots

To start with, we need to understand how basic progressive jackpot slots work. These games have a top prize that grows every time that someone spins the reels and doesn’t claim the jackpot. This means that the more people who play it, the bigger the prize pool becomes until it finally falls.

You can see the current size of the progressive jackpot as you play, so you can decide whether it’s big enough to try and win it. There are a couple of ways of triggering a progressive jackpot win. Some slots pay out this prize on a random basis, so you could it at any time and no matter what symbols appear on your screen.

Others are based on a player getting a certain set of symbols, which might be five of the most valuable icons or something similar. You might also need to play a mini-game to reach the slot’s top prize, making it more difficult to win this amount.

How Are Hot Drop Jackpots Different?

Hot Drop Jackpots are built into some online slots and are based on the same idea as progressive jackpots but with an added twist. This is because there are three different prizes you could pick up. These jackpots will appear on the screen when you trigger them, and we’ll see in a moment how that happens.

The three different prizes are called Super, Daily, and Hourly. Once you’ve triggered them, you’ll be taken to a wheel that has each of these jackpots marked in different sections. Spin the wheel and you’ll win the jackpot that’s marked when it stops.

If you’ve played a slot before, you won’t have any problems in understanding how it works. Even if you haven’t played this type of game before, it’ll only take you a moment to get to grips with it and start enjoying this way of playing.     

How Do You Trigger the Jackpot?

This is the key point that everyone wants to know, and the truth is that it’s very simple. The basic way of triggering the jackpot wheel is to get three of the jackpot symbols on the reels as you play. Using a higher level of stake increases your chances of this happening.

The Hot Drop Jackpots can also be triggered randomly, or at least it will appear random from your point of view. Behind the scenes, there are a couple of indicators that show when the jackpots need to fall. These are based on the Max Time and Max Prize numbers.   

The Max Prize jackpot will be forced to drop before it reaches the maximum value that it can climb to. This is typically linked to those Super jackpots mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, Max Time jackpots have a time limit set on them, which can be either hourly or daily. This means that you or someone else needs to win the prize before that deadline passes. If a player wins the jackpot before it reaches the limit, the timer is reset and we start again.  

What Happens After You Win?

If you win one of these progressive prizes, it will be instantly credited to your account. You’ll then be taken back to the main game, to let you decide whether to keep playing or try something else next.

As for the jackpots, they get reset every time someone claims them. The great thing here is that there are three of them, so even when one gets reset the other two could be about to fall. It’s also worth remembering that you can claim standard slot wins on these games even if the jackpot doesn’t fall for you.

Why Play Hot Drop Jackpots?

There are plenty of good reasons for giving slots with Hot Drop Jackpots a try. For a start, we expect to see this mechanism added to a lot of great slots, as the main developers will be keen to enhance their best games with it.

Playing in this way is going to add a lot of excitement to slots too, as you never know when you might win the top prize.  The fact that you can win normal payouts for matching symbols means that you can hopefully carry on winning while you wait to see if one of the main prizes falls for you.

This is a new addition to online casinos at the time of writing, and it remains to be seen which Hot Drop Jackpot slot becomes the most popular over time. It seems certain to add even more variety to the world of online casinos, as well as the chance of picking up some big wins.