What kind of Instagram comments get more likes?

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Instagram allows its users to use their freedom of speech when it comes to writing down opinions and speaking of their minds. You can literally go write anything your heart desires on the Instagram profile page of a celebrity or an artist. However, when you do so make sure to leave a positive footmark behind by writing something positive instead of negative. Hateful comments against particular religions, politicians, famous people, and communities would never get you banned from the networks. Therefore, whatever write in the comment section must be according to Instagram’s policy, terms and conditions, and it should violate the rules under any circumstances.

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In order to get more likes on your comments, you must craft some great words and sentences to get more attention from the users. You may follow some of the top Intragramer to see how they are posting on their wall. Some of the profiles you may find private, so how to view private Instagram accounts and see their posts? Well, the easy way is to send a follow request and if you are accepted can view the content very easily.

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Whenever you comment on someone’s post, use hashtags to customize your content. Hashtags will also make your comment discoverable on Instagram. Let’s suppose you are writing a comment about Soccer, make sure to use the relevant trending hashtags so more people can find it using the Instagram search engine.

Hashtags make your comment more relevant and catchy. By using trending hashtags, you also send a signal to Instagram’s algorithm naturally by showing the relevancy of the comment. This is also a quick way of getting more engagement on the comment since more users might be searching for the same hashtags when you use them in the post your comment is picked by the Algorithm as well. In other words, write a comment that is related to the post or page you are writing it on. If it is about Kim Kardashian’s new breakup with Kanye West, you can use the trending hashtags for ranking the comment in a very easy and natural way. 

Interact with People:

Interact with more people in the comment section, the Instagram algorithm will pick up on your activity and rank your comment in a good position.  Communicate back and force, stay more active on Instagram, it will help Instagram understand how much you are interested in contributing in the comment box of the particular page or post. 

Trending topics:

Comment on trending topics that are making a big buzz around. If it’s football season, write comments about ongoing football sports and events.  Since the trending topics are already getting hundreds and thousands of traffic every day you will never have to optimize your comment. Whatever you will write may become a trendy comment.

Courteous comsments:

Whenever you write a comment make sure to use creative words. Funny comments get more likes than serious ones. When writing a funny comment and trying to be goofy you must try to be within boundaries. Never use slang and swear words because Instagram algorithms suspend accounts upon finding offensive comments left by the users. 

Although I can discuss tons of top trending comments on Instagram that are getting more likes every day yet the most famous one was written by SkaiJacskon. She is an actress, YouTuber, and author, she became one of the most powerful teen Instagram influencers back in 2016. The comment she posted on Cameron Boyce’s post received up to 780, 000 likes and the number is increasing every day.  Your comment ranks naturally if you have massive followership on Instagram and when you are a famous celebrity, influencer, or artist.