What Medical Sciences Recommend To Stay Fit And Healthy By Following A Balanced Diet

Following a balanced diet

Staying healthy needs a healthy diet and keeping your body physically fit. Medical science has always played its role in suggesting what type of food is better and worst for your health. By following a balanced diet as recommended by medical science, you can stay fit and healthy. Below are a few suggestions regarding the subject.

Check Your Meal Timings

The start of your day is most crucial for your body. A healthy meal for your breakfast is beneficial as it gives you a burst of energy and aids in keeping you active the whole day. A lot of people generally prefer to have high carbohydrates rich food. But it won’t last long, and you are going to end up feeling hungry again. 

Skipping or eating unhealthy meals will keep you sluggish during the day. In contrast, a protein and fiber-rich meal will make you feel fuller for a longer time and keep you lively throughout the day. Similarly, the last meal should also be taken at least two to three hours before bed. It is beneficial for having a peaceful sleep.

Portion Control And Balanced Diet

Health experts suggest that having a healthy diet within balanced, controlled portions can play a special role in keeping your body fit and healthy. Portion control also helps in maintaining a keen eye on your calorie count. It prevents eating unhealthy or mindless munching. 

A balanced diet will help weight gain or loss, control hypertension, glucose and maintain a healthy heart. You become more conscious of eating according to body needs. Portion control is also recommended for eating disorders such as bulimia.

Know Your Food

With growing times and awareness, people are becoming more and more aware of their food. What kind of food does your body need, its nutritional value, source, etc. these are major points that affect your diet plan. Some people prefer to consult a dietitian or nutritionist for their customized diet plan. Others also use certain medicines like Sitagliptin or Metformin prescribed by their doctors for diabetes control.

Food and nutrition experts provide diet guidance for diabetes, blood pressure, heart patients but are beneficial for everyone in general. However, doctors may recommend medicine from a Sitagliptin manufacturer for diabetes and a healthy diet plan.


Image source:  Unsplash

The importance of exercise is always emphasized by health experts. Getting a fit and healthy body is not possible just by having a healthy diet. A regular workout session in your daily routine will make a difference and positively affect your overall body health. 

Exercise aids in burning that unwanted fat from your body, maintaining hypertension, controlling glucose levels, lowering bad cholesterol, attaining a healthy heart, etc. There are numerous options to choose from when you want to select the type of exercise. Such as aerobics, interval training, strength building, yoga, swimming, running, hiking, push-ups, lunges, squats, planks, etc.

By following these few simple suggestions, anybody can look after their health and maintain a fit body. Your body needs food and attention. And medical science suggests the right type, quantity, and time that is most beneficial for it.