Where Can I Practice Crypto Trading?


Cryptocurrency or digital currency has emerged with the purpose to verify transactions and maintain records using cryptography by a decentralized system. This currency only exists virtually and is not regulated by any central authority. In recent times, people are becoming more and more familiar with cryptocurrency. This is why cryptocurrency trading has become very popular. So, if you are willing to invest in cryptocurrency, you have to understand how these digital currencies work and where can you practice cryptocurrency trading without facing losses. Please, continue to read this article to learn more about cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Trading Strategies:

Cryptocurrency trading comes together with strategies. A successful trader always adheres to some strategy, which is the key to receiving a profit in this market. Here are the most popular crypto trading strategies:

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)
  • Sculping
  • Daily trading
  • Swing trading
  • Buy and hold

Before making your first trade, you should learn all the popular strategies and determine which of them suits you better. Dollar-Cost Averaging or DCA trading is one of the most popular and useful strategies for crypto trading as this strategy helps investors to minimize risks. However, it is almost impossible to completely understand how those strategies work in practice as long as you only read their theoretical part. There is a way out – crypto demo trading.  

What Is The Benefit of a Crypto Simulator?

If you are a beginner, a crypto simulator can help you to familiarize yourself with real-time trading conditions without the fear of losing money. Demo trading implies an account where you can practice without the need to invest your own funds. Demo trading cryptocurrency are usually tokens that can’t be cashed out or deposited. You can’t lose demo tokens if you make a mistake. That is one of the benefits of demo trading – you forget about the risks and focus on learning trading strategies and finding weaknesses and gaps in your knowledge. In simple words, a crypto simulator or demo trading allows you to test cryptocurrency trading in a risk-free manner. Here, you don’t have to use your real money to execute trades. Therefore, a crypto simulator is only for learning purposes. By using a crypto simulator, you can test your skills and investment decisions before engaging in real trading.

The next advantage is how you learn to cope with your emotions and trade with a cool head. In trading, getting rid of the feeling of greed, hope, or passion people often experience striving to receive more money is essential. On the contrary, a cool head and the ability to make balanced decisions are the main components of success. You can also test different trading strategies. That is what crypto demo trading gives you. 

What Crypto Exchanges Offer Crypto Demo Trading?

Only a few crypto platforms provide demo trading options for users. WhiteBIT is among those few services that offer a crypto trading simulator. Along with this, this platform provides a standalone resource with many useful articles explaining crypto and guides on different trading strategies – White Blog. So, you can learn the theoretical part and practice on the demo account simultaneously.