Why Players Are Falling In Love With CS: GO Skins

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As dedicated gamers, most have heard stories of players spending hundreds to thousands of dollars trying to acquire specific inventory or build characters. Building a character is one and in-game enhancements that provide the edge over the competition are another. However, it can be baffling to learn that players are just as avid about skin customizations, customizations that offer very few in-game advantages.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the perfect example. There are reported rumors of players spending high in the thousands just to get their hands on some of the game’s popular skins. Why? Why are players so willing to dedicate so much time and money trying to acquire items that offer nothing more than a different appearance?

The Extreme Rarity

To start, no one in their sane mind would spend thousands of dollars on readily available items. If this were the case, these items wouldn’t be so expensive in the first place. If an extremely popular skin was so readily available, so many people would already have them they wouldn’t hold much monetary value. That’s one of the reasons CS: GO skins are so widely sought after.

Now, that isn’t the case with all the skins. There are tons of popular skins that can be easily acquired in-game or purchased for pennies on the dollar. There are, however, also those skins that are so rare that players could spend entire careers trying to obtain them and never come close. It is this mystic and rarity that makes some of the items so sought after by avid players. Since everything about acquiring CS: GO skins are random, it’s like rolling dice or spinning a wheel and hoping for a specific number to pop up.

Just as that is addictive and exciting, so is rolling the dice to acquire skins. When it is said that acquiring these skins is random, it means that in most cases, these skins are acquired by competing in matches and opening random loot packages.

Making A Statement

It isn’t that certain skins just look amazing, but they truly make a statement. When you see a player decked out in the rarest of rare skins from head to toe, you know that they’ve either put a lot of money into acquiring the items or they’ve spent countless hours acquiring these items. It could also mean they are incredibly lucky. Nonetheless, just knowing what skins are so rare and sought after shows a dedication to the game that most veteran players can appreciate.CSGO trade is the best way of acquiring affordable used skins.

Being serious about these customizations can provide a huge psychological advantage in many situations. Most players will assume that another player outfitted in the rarest gear holds an extremely high skill set. Although this isn’t always the case, players with the rarest of skin are typically great players.

Tracking Abilities

Some Counter Strike skins not only gift players a psychological advantage on the battlefield, but some of the rarer skins can actually help players build skills. Now, this doesn’t mean that Counter-Strike skins offer any in-game advantage more often than psychological ones. The only way to determine whether or not players are improving is by tracking their games.

Despite the technology available and what some might think, tracking gameplay is much harder and more in-depth than some may think. It’s not a simple matter of just recording the action and watching it back. It’s even more than keeping track of a win/loss record. Not just that, but there are long-range kills, short-distance kills, knife kills, pistol kills, and rifle shots.

Although skins elaborate with their tracking capabilities, they can more easily help players track their progress. When applied, some skins can track many pertinent stats.

Monetary Value

It doesn’t take a veteran Counter-Strike player to know that specific skins are worth a lot of money. Every player wants the rarest skins and acquiring them isn’t oftentimes the easiest or fastest thing in the world. Regardless of how dedicated a specific player might be, there are only a certain amount of hours in the day. And some players just don’t have the spare time to spend hours and hours vying for the rarest skins.

One huge advantage of CS skins is that they can be acquired by simply competing, offering players the ability to try for skins while also building their skill sets.