Zambian Meat Website: Know the Real Story of Cannibalism Case [Updated 2022]

Zambian Meat
Zambian Meat Website

You have probably heard about the Zambian meat website and want to know more about this site. In 2022, people across the UK, South Africa, Canada, and the USA search this website several times after they got to know that this website is linked to a brutal cannibalism incident. So, what was the actual incident? What are the Zambian Meat Website and its connection to a cannibalistic murder case? If you are interested to know the facts and myths about Zambian Meat Killer, continue to read this article.

Zambian Meat Website:

According to the Police report, the Zambian Meat website was an open discussion forum where individuals used to express their sadistic viewpoints, discuss their cannibalistic and sexual fantasies, and talk about their different types of desires. However, we don’t know much about this website and the URL of this site is not revealed. The little we know about this website is only from the police statement.

The Primary Findings of the Case:

In November 2013, a 55-year-old German policeman was arrested in Dresden on suspicion of butchering and murdering a 59-year-old man whom he met on a cannibalism website.

During the investigation, German police found that the victim and the murderer exchanged a series of chats, messages, and emails between them. Even though police did not disclose the name of the killer, German media identified him as “Detlev G”.

When Did the Cannibalistic Murder Happen?

The victim and Detlev met each other at Dresden’s main train station on 4th November 2012. Then they had breakfast near the Czech border. After that, Detlev took him to his (Detlev’s) guesthouse in the Ore Mountains as the victim wanted to be killed. According to the police report, Detlev tortured, dismembered, and killed the victim there and buried his body parts in the guesthouse’s garden.

The Reason Behind the Murder:

Detlev confessed to the police that the victim had a fantasy of being killed and eaten from an early age. They met each other on the Zambian Meat website where the victim asked Detlev to kill him. The exchanged messages between them also confirmed the statement of Detlev.

On the other hand, his colleagues also stated that he was a normal and inconspicuous colleague.

The Arrest:

On 11th November 2013, after a year of the incident, Detlev was arrested while he was still working as a criminal investigator in the forensics department of Saxony’s State Office.

Myths About Zambian Meat Murder Incident:

After the arrest of Detlev, a rumor spread out that he ate the body parts of the victim. However, the police spokesman, Marko Laske stated that there is no such evidence that the suspect ate the victim’s body. Detlev also denied doing so. This rumor is probably because of his connection with the cannibalistic website, Zambian Meat.


According to some online sources, on 13th December 2016, the Dresden court found him (Detlev) guilty of murder and sentenced him to imprisonment for eight years and seven months. The court did not sentence him to life imprisonment as there was proof that the victim wanted to be killed. Lastly, we neither support these activities nor encourage anyone to involve in such activities. We are just offering you information based on other online sources.