4 Technologies that Help Businesses Succeed in the Modern Era

Technologies that Help Businesses

Many would-be entrepreneurs think that they have can’t-miss company ideas. Maybe you feel that way. You’re certain that you have a business concept that will eventually make you rich and famous.

Getting to that point won’t be easy, and you’ll need to rely on technology to help you succeed. Let’s look at a few different technology forms that exist today. If you’re working on getting a company off the ground in 2022, you may need to take advantage of them.

The Zero-Trust Security Model

Let’s say that you need IT, workers, as part of your company. IT, or information technology, is a part of nearly every business. Your IT team can oversee a computer network’s installation and maintenance.

You might only need a single individual who can handle IT for your company. If you have a larger or more complex system, that’s when you’ll probably need multiple IT specialists.  

Taking stock of your current security system is vital if you want your company to succeed, and that’s part of what your IT staff can do for you. They might recommend installing the zero-trust security model to help keep your communications and proprietary information secure.

Those in the IT world sometimes call the zero-trust model perimeter less security. If you put it in place, your system will automatically verify and authenticate every entity that tries to access your computer network. In a time when industrial espionage and data leaks happen with alarming frequency, it’s a sensible idea to get your IT staff to set up the zero-trust model for your business.


If you have an eCommerce business model, you sell products or services online. You might also have a storefront from which you sell your products, or more than one. However, many companies use eCommerce these days, and it’s something you’ll likely want to at least consider.

Assuming you’re selling your products from your website, you’ll want to have individuals standing by who can answer questions whenever a potential customer has one. You’ll also have an FAQ section that can cover some of the most common queries. However, sometimes someone will come up with a question you haven’t answered there.

You probably can’t afford to have someone waiting twenty-four hours a day to answer customer questions. That’s why investing in a chatbot makes sense.

You might hire a company that can create a proprietary chatbot that can answer a customer’s questions on your website at any time. That can go a long way toward garnering more sales.   

Your Own Company App

You may also consider hiring a company to create an app for your business at some point. Perhaps you don’t feel like you need one at first. When you have a fledgling company that has yet to find international or national acclaim, it’s probably too early to think about your own application.

As your company starts to catch on, though, creating an app for your business will probably start making more sense. You should know that companies that use an eCommerce business model often generate more sales through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. But, if you’re solely dependent on your website for business, it is always advised to go for an ADA compliance checker through an expert like “Accessibility Spark”, who can help identify all web accessibility issues and fix them on time. This is because, in the present times, all websites must install web accessibility tools for the disabled, as it is made mandatory by US federal law. This is how a site passes the WCAG compliance test.

Those who use mobile devices to shop enjoy mobile apps. If you have one for your business, that will probably generate more sales for you. Hiring a company to create a mobile app for you can get expensive quickly. The up-front expenditure can lead to growth, though, and it should pay for itself as time passes.

Digital Payment Forms

You should try to take advantage of the many digital payment forms that exist these days. If you’ve got an eCommerce business model, you will certainly need to accept different credit card payments. You’ll want to accept Visa, American Express, and Discover at a minimum.

If you accept PayPal as well, you should see more sales because of that. You may also look into accepting Google Pay and Apple Pay.

You might want to accept cryptocurrencies. People like crypto, and while some invest in it as a long-term asset, others want to use Bitcoin and other crypto forms to pay for products and services.

If you accept crypto for your products, that shows you own a cutting-edge company. It’s not possible for every business to accept crypto payments yet, but you should at least look into it.

Whenever you hear about other technology forms that can help your company thrive, you must investigate them. Implementing them can help facilitate your growth, which should be your ultimate goal.