Everything to Know about iOS App Development


The iOS app development deals with the designing and building of applications for mobile devices that run through the iOS operating software of Apple. The job of an iOS developer is to design and code the base applications, fix the bugs of the application, maintain the code, ensure the application’s quality, and implement the application updates. Even though iOS app development is quite challenging, you will definitely feel the excitement of learning about this development process.

In this article, we will guide you to learn iOS app development. If you want to learn to code iOS apps and build iOS apps through a frustration-free approach, continue to read this article.

How to Start iOS Development?

There are some requirements to start building your own apps. You should also have some specific skills. Let’s talk about what you require to start iOS development.

Swift Programming Language:

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This programming language is very much helpful to code iOS apps. You can easily learn this programing language and this programing language will also help you to improve your code productivity by offering multiple features.

Master Xcode:

This is a Mac app that helps you to create apps. You will find essential tools for building a great app in Xcode, such as a project organizer, code editor, debugger, compiler, etc.

Coding Logic:

The Swift code regulates the response of your app. If X, then Y. Every app runs through this logic. Therefore, in order to learn iOS app development, you should carefully understand and learn the code and logic. You have to be able to code from scrape.

Building UIs:

Building a User Interface (UI) is the most important requirement for building any application. You should build a user-friendly interface that includes views, buttons, navigation, images, labels, etcetera, controls. You should learn to design and build UIs. For that, you can take the help of SwiftUI or UIKit.

Application Architecture:

Application architecture is the foundation of building applications. You should be able to write code clearly and write maintainable and extensible code. You should take time to learn about this topic and find out the best solution according to your scenario.

Anyone can learn to code iOS apps; however, it will take time. If you find the motivation to learn about iOS app development, you should pick a project and start practicing every day. Nevertheless, if learning iOS app development does not excite you and you want to build your own app, you can search for the best iOS programmer for hire. As Xcode is a Mac app and runs on macOS, you should have a Mac computer to learn iOS development using Xcode.

Practice Is the Key to Learning iOS Development:

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In order to learn anything, you should practice as much as possible. This is no exception with iOS app development. To make a progress on iOS development, you should practice at least an hour each day.

One Year Goal:

First of all, you should set a goal for learning iOS development. For example, you can set a one-year goal for learning this development process. Now you should start practicing at least one hour each day. You should avoid any type of distraction during your learning period and focus solely on your project. After one hour, you can stop learning for the day and get back to the next day. If you miss a day, try to fill the gap without taking much stress on you. You should also assess your improvement after every month. You should recall what you have learned last month. Recalling is important to keep the new information permanently in your brain.

The Benefits of Practice:

Study shows that if we repeatedly expose our brains to learn new information in different ways, what we learn becomes permanent. Therefore, if you want to learn iOS development, you have to be very consistent. Successful learners of iOS development learn habitually and keep momentum between two learning sessions.

Another important thing is that learning iOS development is more than developing a habit. You should have great motivation to start again every day. To become a successful app developer, one needs to commit to making progress every day.

Learn the iOS App Development Topics:

In order to become a master of iOS app development, you should learn multiple topics. You have to start by learning the Swift topics, such as functions, variables, conditionals, optional, loops, strings, object-oriented programming, dictionaries, arrays and sets, structs and classes, and operators. Once you have learned these topics thoroughly and deeply, you can now move on to the following topics regarding the iOS SDK.

  • How to work with UIKit and SwiftUI
  • How to design and build the elements of UI, such as buttons, labels, images, and text
  • How to work with tab bars and table views
  • How to develop navigation and work withUINavigationController
  • How to send and receive notifications with NotificationCenter
  • How to detect and solve bugs efficiently
  • Learn Interface Builder, Xcode, and iPhone Simulator

If you want to build a great app project, you should not pick a difficult project at the beginning. Instead, you can focus on simple projects. For instance, you can build a simple iOS game by using Swift and Xcode. You can also create a chat app in real-time by using Swift and Firebase.

Learn about App Architecture:

First of all, you need to learn about how to work with Model-View-Controller. Then, you need to learn and understand the role of app architecture. You need to have a clear idea about the transfer of data between view controllers. Once you have learned all these, now you can focus on learning about the Single Responsibility Principle, SOLID, and DRY. Finally, you require to have a clear idea about Dependency Injection and testable code.

Intermediate Topics and Skills:

You need to learn some intermediate topics, such as generics, delegation, closures, protocols, debugging, typecasting, and opaque types. With the help of these tutorials, you have to build multiple problem-solving skills. You should build effective skills on binary search in Swift, palindromes in Swift, insertion sort in Swift, shuffling arrays using Fisher-Yates, Roman numerals conversion using Swift, and game of life of Conway in Swift.

Final Learning:

Finally, you need to expand and diversify your learning. For that, you have to gather knowledge about algorithms. You have to learn about how to sustain with changes in Swift. You should also have an effective knowledge of the requirements for Apple’s documentation. Above all, it is essential to understand the conversion from tutorials to writing code.

Helpful Tips:

While you are in the process of learning iOS development, there are a few things that you can follow. Before you run your app, you have to try to write more code and then check the results. When you find errors and bugs, you have to follow the intuitive workflow. You can read others’ code and gain knowledge from that. You have to assess the components and tools that are essential for building an app feature and you should break the whole development process not small steps. Above all, if you want to start learning iOS app development, you should not give up in the middle. Commitment, consistency, and building momentum is the key to your success in learning iOS app development.