Timing Is Everything: 5 Tips About When to Buy a New Phone

new smart phone

Did you know that only 80 percent of Americans have a smartphone? Unfortunately, that means a certain percentage of the population still uses outdated cell phones. The good news is that now it’s a lot cheaper to buy a new smartphone.

Yet, knowing when to buy a new phone can be difficult if you’re not aware of the signs. That’s why in today’s post, we’re going to tell you a couple of tips about the best time to buy a new phone.

1. Stuck On An Old OS

Perhaps one of the clearest signs you need a new phone is when you can’t upgrade to the latest OS (Operating System).

But, how much will that affect your phone? For starters, you most likely won’t be able to update any of your apps, as they are usually tied with the latest OS.  

Additionally, you’ll miss out on critical updates that fix bugs or other issues the phone may have. Finally, as you can expect, there will be a point where your smartphone will only be good for making calls.

2. Runs Slow

A perfect sign of when to upgrade a phone is if you notice it work slower than usual. For example, an app should open almost instantly when you press on it, but if you see that it takes several minutes for an app to open, then you need an upgrade. As you can imagine, your phone will continue to slow down until it reaches a point where you can’t even use it.  

3. Pictures Come Out Blurry

As you can expect, the older the phone, the more it’s been dropped. And, over time, the scrapes and bruises it receives will start to show on the screen or camera lens. So, when you try to take pictures, all you’ll see is a blurry mess. 

Once you notice this issue, be sure to look for deals on a new mobile phone.

4. Phone Is Constantly Dying

Nothing is more annoying than your phone dying shortly after unplugging it from the charger. Of course, some OS upgrades can remedy the issue, but as mentioned before, if your phone is too old, it may be too late to upgrade its OS.  

5. Apps Crash All the Time 

The final tell-tale sign that you need a new phone is when any app you open instantly crashes. One reason this happens is that your phone doesn’t have enough RAM to run the apps.

Know When to Buy a New Phone

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll know when to buy a new phone. But, of course, be sure to research well before purchasing any phone, so you get one that suits your needs. So, don’t wait any longer and upgrade your phone today! 

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