5 Best Smartphones for College Students 2023-2024

Best Smartphones for College Students
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What does a student need in a smartphone? Perhaps, the biggest concerns for those choosing a smartphone for their college goer would be endurance, the convenience of communication, flawless features for keeping notes or transforming formats of documents, long battery life, great camera, etc. Besides, this gadget should be relatively affordable since in most cases, it will be changed in some 2 years for a better one. 

Among the best-suited smartphones that are often considered as the models designed for meeting all the students’ needs, today’s leaders are OnePlus, Redmi Note 9, Google Pixel phones, etc. And, where would we be today without Apple? 

If the choice of an optimal smartphone for college students is relevant for you, read on to find out the top 5 smartphones that don’t yield their positions even to some elite smartphone models. 

Smartphone Models Booming On the Market of Gadgets: Worthy Phones for a College Student’s Use

In this guide, we will not focus on flagship models that are ever-popular but not really great in terms of their price. An average student is unlikely to pay $1000 for a brand with a loud name but will rather pick a functional and powerful smartphone out of the more budget-friendly models. So, here is a top list of 5 of them that, in our opinion, will serve as excellent helpers in a student’s everyday tasks. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus 

As a rare exception, this luxe model appears to be affordable right now offering the prettiest display out there, and great cameras to capture the brightest moments of life without having to add filters. To make the routine of usage even easier, both models allow wireless charging, a slot for a micro SD card, and a comfortable, not-too-big screen size that perfectly suits the hand’s palm. Plus, buying one of the latest Samsung smartphones is like using reputed college essay writing services – you know you can always rely on the best quality in essays, theses, or dissertation papers. 

OnePlus 7 Pro 

The model has won public acclaim and was named ‘the best Android phone value of 2019’ for a set of good reasons. Offering the same high-level features in practically every area, this smartphone comes close to Samsung Galaxy S20, Apple iPhone 11, and iPhone XR. But, what is vital for us today, is available at the cost of $360 instead of $599-$750 (like brand names). 

This option would be a perfect pick if you want a non-killable device (especially if the character of the owner tells you he needs it). Despite the thin body and only 206 g of weight, this one can withstand different harsh conditions such as dense dust or accidental falls. Other pluses include a widely customizable interface, great design with exclusive fonts, stable Android UI, and the ability to choose from glass or metal versions. The gaming performance of the OnePlus 7 Pro will surprise young gamers too. 

Redmi Note 9 Pro 

If you could find a set of four cameras (including a 48-megapixel primary camera and 32-megapixel selfie camera) at the back and the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G processor in one phone just for $240, then it will, probably, be worthy to be on this top list. Anyway, if your concern is the balance of price and performance, you won’t make a mistake purchasing this one. 

Besides, the battery is much exceeding iPhone’s battery capacity, and reaching nearly  5020mAh will be excellent for a student visiting a lot of events, using the smartphone in the classroom, or communicating through Zoom for hours. 

Google Pixel 4A

Once a smartphone is released by His Majesty Google, you can expect something outstanding from it. So, what do we have here? A 5.8-inch full HD resolution display, the guard of gorilla glass, Snapdragon Octa-Core 730 G processor, storage starting at 128 GB, and fast charger function. But this could be seen practically in every other smartphone. What makes a Google phone so special and, hence, so great for a student, is excellent software coming and updating from Google automatically including security patches. Once a new version of OS is there, your Pixel device will be the first to install it. 

One more bonus you get from this budget smartphone is a quite impressive camera. While all you see there is a one-lens setup, this camera will leave many of the more expensive phones’ cameras behind outperforming them in the zoom, AI, and Google algorithms in particular.   

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 

To crown this top with worthy tech, we have chosen a phone that would make a perfect device for anyone fond of taking notes. Yes, a model with a stylus might be not for everyone. Tastes differ. But this Note 10 boasts not just super-sensitive software for handwriting recognition but also other creative features such as animated messaging, the creation of GIFs, and great design overall. 

A device like this will facilitate studies and open a vast ocean of opportunities for creative note-taking, drawing, making your notes much more interactive, and even completing college homework and tests in an unboring way. The model will also be great for girls and smaller-handed students who love to express themselves in artistic ways. And, yes, the price for Galaxy Note 10 is adequate now. 

Upgrading a smartphone having this list of the gadgets best fitting for college students is a fun and useful experience allowing you to expand your tech horizons and learn. Pick the one that matches your lifestyle, interests, and you won’t be disappointed.