Which are some essential accessories for a smartphone?

Smart Phone

Nobody leaves their house in this digital age without their phone. In reality, whether they are professionals, businesspeople, or students, they do the majority of their work on their phones. Everyone needs a cell phone, and the accessories that make smartphones “smart” are equally crucial. Modern cell phones are fantastic and quite useful for everyone. They have excellent operating systems, hardware, and features. The accessories, however, are what improve their appearance and functionality. Most smartphone attachments are universal and work with all models, however, some are expressly made for particular models.

Smartphones are the digital universe for almost every person now and to get the most out of a smartphone, accessories are necessary. Smartphone accessories come in different shapes and sizes, but they offer a lot of conveniences in our daily lives. There are millions and millions of accessories out there and we have shortlisted the most useful accessories that will help you enhance the features of your smartphone for both entertainment and work purposes.

High-quality Wireless earphones:

Wireless earphones have become quite popular over the decade and many reputable companies have started manufacturing wireless earphones. One of the most popular and comfortable earbuds is offered by OPPO at a very reasonable price. OPPO amplifies the audio experience with the best quality earbuds integrated with the latest technology and specs. They have a variety of options and each one of them is one of a kind. The earbuds have responsive touch controls, good app support, and impressive battery life. A few of them are listed below to help you choose the best one:

  • Enco Air2 Pro
  • Enco X2
  • Enco Free2
  • Enco W51
  • Enco W31

A solid phone case:

Phones have become more delicate let’s face it; phone cases are necessary. Sometimes we tend to ignore the importance of a solid phone case but after one accidental fall our priorities get straight, and we search for a good case for the smartphone. To prevent the phone from getting scratched and even in some cases from breaking, phone cases are very important. However, if you are worried that the design of the phone will not show off, you can always chase a transparent case for the smartphone. The following cases are available in the OPPO store:

  • Find X5 Case
  • Find X3 Pro Case
  • A94 Case
  • Find X3 Neo Case
  • Reno 10x Case

Screen protectors:

This accessory is probably the first thing you will like the smartphone to have because smartphones are prone to drops and spills. The display can get scratched or ruined which can cost you a lot of money to get fixed. So, it is better to have a screen protector which acts as a shield and takes all the shocks for your smartphone. Besides protections there are a few other benefits screen protectors can offer you and they are as follows:

  • It reduces eye strain.
  • Dirt accumulation is reduced when there is a screen protector.
  • Gives a lot of privacy.
  • Can serve as a mirror.
  • Protects the screen from wear and tear.

There is nothing to worry about as they do not cost a lot and there is not much to lose. You pay a small price and in return, you get convenience and comfort. 

Portable chargers:

Power banks and portable chargers are in huge demand these days. Mobile companies are constantly making an effort to produce smartphones with huge batteries. But let’s face it, no matter how much they try, there is not much they can fit in the sleek smartphones. Especially if you are on move and you don’t have access to power sockets, power banks can do the job. There are many viable options for portable chargers available in the market and some of them even have 2 to 3 ports so you can charge more than 1 smartphone from the same power bank.


Smartwatches kind of have become an essential accessory these days. The reason is the features smartphones have to offer. Smartwatches are multi-purpose as you can use them to manage notifications and even track health and fitness. You can also attend calls or play or pause music through the smartwatch. Monitors your heart rate, SPO2, and much more with these smartwatches. You can always buy OPPO Watch for Free, OPPO Watch (Wi-Fi) and if you want a watch dedicated to fitness purposes you can always buy an OPPO band.

Multiport Wall charger:

With multiple gadgets and smartphones, it is difficult to charge all these devices parallel to each other. Buying a multi-port wall charger can solve all the issues of charging multiple devices. The wall charger comes with multiple USB A-type ports, and you can connect more than 4 devices. The charging speed is high, and you can even charge the phone with a 40W charger.

Bottom line:

The accessories make our lives easier, and they have a lot to offer at very low price tags. We have shortlisted some options for you and once you get your hands on these accessories, they will be completely worth it. The user’s experience can enhance to many extents as they are very helpful and will keep you stress-free. You can visit OPPO Store UK to check and buy smartwatches, wireless earphones, phone cases, screen protectors, charging units, and much more.


What are the most popular smartphone accessories?

Wireless earphones, smart watches, phone cases, and screen protectors are the most popular smartphone accessories.

How important is the screen protector?

It acts as a shield for your smartphone which makes it extremely important.

What should I look for when buying a phone case?

Make sure that the phone is rugged, especially on the edges, and check the grip as well. To avoid unnecessary drops, the grip should be good. Less weight is a bonus.