Uncover Mind-Blowing iPhone Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Iphone Features
Image Source: Unsplash

Many iPhone users utilize their devices on a daily basis, often without fully exploring their potential. While individuals frequently come across “hacks” that promise to revolutionize iPhone usage, a few prove practical for everyday scenarios. However, here we have compiled a list of only cool things to do with the iPhone, that you did not know about it. Find out more cool things about iPhones and take your digital experience to the next level.

What can iPhones do that we don’t know about?

#1 Use keyboard instead of trackpad

The iPhone keyboard has a neat trick up its sleeve – it can also be used as a trackpad! This feature allows users to move the cursor with greater precision and easily navigate through text, all without needing to touch the screen. However, you will require an iPhone (any newer iPhone model or the iPhone 6S)with 3D Touch facilities. And here’s a bonus -you can apply this trick on any iPad too!

To initiate the trackpad on the iPhone, you have to simply press and hold any place on the keyboard. Once the keyboard disappears, you’re good to go! Now, just move your finger around to effortlessly glide the cursor across the text. If you are using an iPad, all you need to do is move two fingers on the keyboard in any direction and the trackpad will be activated. Enjoy the convenience and ease of using your iPhone or iPad’s keyboard as a trackpad!

#2 Create amazing text effects

While you’re thinking about what cool things can my iPhone do, others are already taking advantage of the creative possibilities of typing. When someone types “congrats” in Messages, the whole screen is filled with confetti. But that’s not all! The Messages app offers a variety of text effects. Bubble effects are simple and easy to understand – they affect the appearance of the message bubble itself. When the message appears on the other person’s thread, it can slam, gently swell, or require the recipient to erase a sparkling image to reveal the message. Screen effects, on the other hand, fill the entire iPhone screen and can also impact the bubble, like the congrats effect.

#3 Record conversations

Although we would like to tell you how can I find hidden stuff on iPhone, but iOS alone will not be able to do this. To record calls, you need to use an additional application. If you are using the Call Recorder for iPhone app, you will get a record of all the calls you have saved. The Call Recorder for iPhone application provides free access to the recordings at any time. They can be both a hint and proof to you.

#4 Set your nickname for Siri

Some individuals may choose to be addressed by a different name than what is registered on their Apple ID. Siri, which utilizes the Apple ID and contact details to address users, will default to the given name unless a change or nickname is provided. Whether it’s a lifelong preference or simply disliking the assigned name, this feature enables a more personalized experience with Siri.

To activate, one can say “Hey Siri” followed by requesting Siri to “Call me by a nickname.” Siri will prompt for the desired nickname, allowing for a unique and customized interaction.

#5 Flash when receiving notifications

Users who prefer a visual phone alert rather than an audible one would appreciate discovering this relatively unknown feature: the ability to have the camera flash blink multiple times upon receiving a notification.

To enable this feature, simply navigate to Settings and select Accessibility. From there, access Audio/Visual and toggle on the LED Flash for Alerts switch. Additionally, if you prefer not to be disturbed when your phone is set to silent mode, you can disable the flash from lighting up. This iPhone camera trick is unrelated to taking photos, so you can rest assured that no one will mistake you for taking pictures.

#6 Magnifier in phone camera

The ability to zoom in on real-world images can be incredibly helpful in various situations, like when a person is struggling to read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. To use this feature, users can navigate to their device’s Settings, open the Accessibility menu, and toggle on the Magnifier option.

Once Magnifier is enabled, users can unveil the iOS Camera app and triple-tap the side button (or the home button on older phones) and access the Magnifier functionality by triple-tapping the side button on newer phones or the home button on comparatively older phones. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a slider that allows you to zoom in and take a closer look at objects, even surpassing the capabilities of the device’s built-in camera zoom.

#7 iPhone like building level

Having trouble finding a level? No worries! The iPhone comes to the rescue! It not only serves as a level but also as a handy measurement tool for your pictures, tables, and decor.

To ensure your photo is perfectly level, simply open the measurement app and tap on the level option at the bottom of the screen. Place your phone horizontally on top of the photo. If that’s not possible, align the white line at the top of the screen with the top of your photo. Using your iPhone as a level and measurement tool has never been easier!


These are just a few of the many cool things to do with iPhones that you may not have known about. Unlocking the full potential of your device can be an exciting and rewarding experience, as you discover new tricks and hacks that make life easier. So why not put these tips into practice and explore what else your iPhone has to offer?