7 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bathroom Colours

Bathroom Colours
Image source pixabay

The bathroom is one of the most personal and private spaces in a home, yet it often gets overlooked when it comes to decorating. Putting effort into designing your bathroom is important for several reasons. Firstly, a nicely decorated bathroom creates a soothing, spa-like ambience to start and end your day, improving your overall well-being. Tasteful decor such as scented candles, fluffy towels and harmonious colours turns an everyday utilitarian space into a rejuvenating sanctuary. Additionally, decorating your bathroom just makes you feel good. Surrounding yourself with calming colours, patterns and textures you love boosts your mood.

However, choosing paint colours and finishes for your bathroom remodel can be overwhelming with so many options available. The right colour scheme and accessories can create an inviting space that reflects your personal style. Follow these seven tips to select the best bathroom colours for your home improvement project.

1. Consider the Bathroom’s Natural Lighting

The amount of natural light in your bathroom should guide your colour choice. North-facing and dim bathrooms suit lighter tones like soft greens, blues and greys that create an airy, soothing ambience. South-facing bathrooms with more light can handle deeper shades like jewel tones for an elegant, cosy feel.

2. Complement Your Fixtures

Match your wall colour with the tone and finish of existing or new bathroom fixtures. Cool hues like blue-green complement silver fixtures, while warm neutrals match bronze and gold accents. If you will be changing fixtures, select them after finalising your wall colours.

3. Create a Spa-Like Retreat with Greens

Verdant shades of green evoke nature and are ideal for contemporary, spa-style bathrooms. Sage, jade and emerald greens paired with materials like marble and stone add organic zen. Accent walls in deeper greens can anchor lighter green backgrounds.

4. Use Neutrals for a Timeless Look

Neutral white, beige, grey and ivory bathrooms are classic and easy to accessorise. Add visual interest with neutral colour variations, wallpaper patterns and natural wood accents. Darker neutrals like charcoal grey create an elegant, sophisticated mood.

5. Make a Bold Statement with Saturated Hues

Vivid blues, greens and purples add modern, dramatic flair. Deep hues make small bathrooms feel more intimate. Accenting with black fixtures and accessories grounds bright colours. Restrict intense tones to one wall as a focal point.

6. Accessorise to Enhance Colours

Bathroom accessories present finishing touches that enhance your colour scheme. For example, silver bathroom accessories like mirrors, hampers and towel racks nicely complement cooler, blue-toned palettes.

7. Check Samples Under All Lighting

View paint colour samples on walls at different times of the day. Artificial lighting can alter tones at night. Ensure colours retain desired effects as sunlight shifts. Large 4×4 inch samples show true undertones versus colour chips.

Choosing bathroom colours that suit your personality and lighting conditions ensures a stylish, functional space. Whether you prefer an airy, neutral retreat or bold, saturated hues, these tips will guide you in finding a colour palette that transforms your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.