An Insight Into The Growth Of Igaming In The UK


Gambling in the UK has been a popular endeavor shared by the majority of English men and Women. In today’s article, we go over the recent growth in the Igaming industry.

The Rise Of Online Gambling

Gambling has been increasing in popularity on a yearly basis. Although one cannot pinpoint the exact reason for the steady increase there are a few factors we know for sure have helped the rise in popularity.


For starters, times are changing and so are mentalities. What was once considered taboo and sin, today is explored and accepted in a new light. Certain judgment has definitely seen a decrease and this allows new doors to be explored.

The Internet

The internet has probably been the invention of the century. The internet has given thousands of people globally access to information once not so easily accessible. It’s also why certain countries block the internet, in recent years it has been China and the “Great Firewall” which is changing a generation.


The internet has also made accessing Live casinos and the likes of the highly rated BetUk Live Casino much easier than it ever was in the past. Today betting and casino sites have become much more accessible than ever before.

Even the fact that you can access all your favorite casino games from the comfort of your own home has drastically made access more viable.

How does it make it more viable? For many and especially women, going to an actual casino was somewhat hassling. For starters gambling, is for the majority male-dominated, and women looking to have some wagering fun would often feel threatened by the gazing of men.

Did this not necessarily mean that women did not enjoy gambling but rather the atmosphere gambling was frequently presenting at the time. Today through the use of online casinos women can gamble freely without incoherent stares.

Payment Methods

Payment methods have long been part of the reason for the Rise of Igaming not just in the UK but globally. When online casinos and betting sites first became a thing, many players were skeptical to trust their money online and especially in an industry that was just recovering from dark clout.

Payment methods the likes of 3rd party payment providers allowed the option to not show your vices to the bank and avoid unwanted hassles but also to have a backup if said site decided to try to take a run with our hard-earned funds.

Overall 3rd party payment methods really helped the industry grow into the giant one it is today. Without the trust, and the payment methods provided by the online casinos, the scene might have never really taken off the way it has.


The Igaming industry in the UK as well as around the globe is on the rise and taking the world by storm. Although the factors mentioned today are not all the reasons or factors for the constant rise of the Igaming scene, they are definitely part of the picture. If you ever asked how much does google know, just research their marketing analytics in regard to the Igaming scene and one will find the answers.