Blowing Up Your Socials: How To Create An Online Following

Social Media
Image Source: Unsplash

Do you want to know how to supersize your follower count on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? Are you trying to promote your products or services online, but you are not getting much traction? We have three simple tips to help you solve the problem.

Content Is King But Timing Is Everything

Ultimately, people keep coming back to a social media account for its content. They may be a fan of the person behind the profile, but what makes them come back for more is the quality and value that the content on the profile offers. This can be humorous videos, selfies that keep them up to date on your activities, and the occasional promotional post.

Content needs to be planned before it is executed. You may have a great ‘on-the-spot’ idea, and this can be a successful type of post, but you need to have planned content with timed postings to give yourself the best chance of reaching new people. Not only do you have to engage with people, but you also have to engage with the algorithms that underpin these sites and apps. Regular, structured content posting helps the software that runs these sites spot your profile and promote it outside of your following to other users.

The Power Of Memes

Never underestimate the power of a meme. They rule the roost of online content. A funny and topical meme can send your profile viral, whether it is a personal account or a business one. Self-referential memes can be a great way to bring your existing community together too and can be a reason for them to share your post with friends.

A top-quality meme creator needs to be in your social media toolbox if you are going to expand your following and have a chance of posting viral content that can send your follower count soaring, whether on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can use memes to both engage with your existing audience and to promote services or products that you provide too. They are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and can generate interest in your profile without being overly promotional. This allows for the organic growth of your account as users ‘discover’ you on their own terms through the meme rather than through an ad or a promotional post.

Be Consistent

This is the area where most social media accounts fail. People need fresh content in their feeds every day, and if you fail to post, your account will drop in popularity and will be promoted to people less by the algorithms. Plan content for every day of the week and vary the type of content you post. Never saturate your account with promotional posts; do these just three to five times a week.

Organize your content on your hard drive, and have a plan that stretches into the next month. Be prepared to be flexible too, so that you can take advantage of trending hashtags and trendy memes or viral social media challenges. If you are giving followers value every day through your posts, they will see the value in your account and everything else it has to offer, like promotional links. Content may be king, but consistency is key.

Follow these simple tips to up your follower count. With careful and consistent postings, anyone can grow their personal or business socials, and turn their profiles into revenue streams.