Boost your small business with call tracking

Business Call Tracking Software
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For many small businesses, one of the most crucial goals for development and growth is to increase your revenue – and the key to this is to significantly improve how effectively you execute your marketing.

This is essential for not only improving engagement from customers but increasing the rate of new leads and sales being generated.

The best way to achieve this is to implement call-tracking software.

Read on to learn what call tracking is, and why it is the perfect tool to boost your small business.

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What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a tool that provides extensive data surrounding customer calls, as well as insight into customer engagement across your marketing. This data includes information such as:

  • Which marketing sources produce high-quality phone inquiries
  • Keywords mentioned in calls that are relevant to your business
  • The movements of each visitor from a source to a point of conversion
  • The revenue that resulted from each of your calls

As well as these metrics, your software will also give you a variety of meaningful insights and reports that analyze the levels of customer engagement throughout your business.

Using this data, you can create customer journey maps that accurately outline the journeys of each customer and all their interactions. This will include all the touchpoints they visit before, during, and after they call. The data can also show the journeys of non-callers.

This will give you a clear picture of your marketing performance, showing how effective each area of your marketing is at engaging customers and driving new leads and sales.

Call tracking is the superior tool when it comes to tracking, analyzing, and adjusting various aspects of customer engagement throughout your marketing.

How can call tracking software to boost your small business?

Call tracking is the perfect tool for every small business, due to the wide variety of benefits, it can offer. Some of these include:

Engaging more customers

You’ll also be able to view data on how well each area of your marketing is generating leads and sales. This will help you identify the marketing activities driving the highest levels of customer engagement.

As a result, you can tailor your new marketing activities to replicate certain elements of these more successful activities, to ensure they achieve the same level of engagement from customers.

Tracking leads through calls

With call tracking, you can also use speech analytics which enables you to transcribe every customer call, as well as pick up on any important keywords mentioned in the conversation.

This will help you spot valuable leads for your business by identifying certain keywords and phrases mentioned during a call that indicate customers who are with high purchase intent.

In response, you can trace the journeys of these leads and see which touchpoints they visited before, during, and after they called.

This will indicate where your valuable leads are coming from, so you can focus more on developing these specific channels, campaigns, etc., to further boost engagement.

Improving your marketing budget split

Call tracking can also help you manage your marketing budget more effectively. This is crucial for any small business.

By viewing the levels of engagement from your marketing, you’ll know which of your activities are generating a high number of leads and sales, and those which aren’t.

You can then direct more of your marketing investments into your successful activities, and remove your budget from the activities that are underperforming.

This will give you a greater return on investment (ROI), since your successful marketing activities will produce more leads and sales, and therefore, more beneficial returns.

If you want to give your small business the boost it deserves, then call tracking software is the best way to go. Find your chosen expert provider now.