What affects the cost of hiring a web developer?

Web Developer
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Having a website has become integral for every business out there. Be it a restaurant business or a professional resume writer, a website is the digital identity of the business. The no-code tools are quite good, only for adding the basic elements to your website. But, if you are looking forward to gaining an advanced level of the website, with a professional look to your business, it’s time to hire a professional web developer. Though you might consider onboarding an offshore development company, there are potential benefits to hiring an individual contributor. Having an experienced web developer would mean gaining an access to their experience in terms of domain names and hosting websites too.

How is the salary of the web developer decided?

There are two modes of paying the web developer – at an hourly rate or per project. The pricing will be decided based on a few crucial factors:

1. Domain for which the website is created:

Often, if your website requires a downstream integration, it would be a little heavy on the pockets. Moreover, for any website that is in the domain of eCommerce or profile branding, the expenses would be a notch higher. An increase in complexity directly affects the price charged to the web developer.

2. Front end or the backend development:

This is quite crucial as the front-end development would often entail changes in the design that are lighter on the pockets. But, the backend development costs are higher, if there is a migration of data involved as well. If the websites also need to be responsive and adapt as per the devices being used, it might increase the development charges too.

3. Integrating the website with external software:

If you are building an eCommerce website, often, integrating it with the marketing systems becomes crucial. The data for the leads enhance the lead conversion ratio – and this in turn affects the cost of the web development. On top of it, the added cost of maintenance and hyper-care increases the expenditure. You can save a bit on web development expenses by automating the content management system to improve site efficiency.

4. Specification of the project outcomes:

No two projects are similar and no two projects have similar complexity. On a technical level, every project has its own set of hiccups & this is what drives the project cost higher. A web developer who has to set up the system from scratch, correcting any disarray in the backend is obviously going to charge higher – compared to someone performing an organized task.

Going beyond web development for your website

Will a bland website appeal to you? The answer is NO. And, this is where you would need the services of a graphic designer and website designer to improve the aesthetic value of your website. Though some web developers might possess the skill, hiring a professional agency gives you the edge – as you have a consortium of teams, working in sync, toward your project delivery.

Hiring a freelancer who would be a one-man band for you comes with a surcharge. Want to discover more about the pricing of an experienced web developer? Let us find out the avg developer’s hourly rate.