Creating PDF Files Online: A Quick and Simple Guide

Creating PDF Files Online

Decisive advantages of Portable Document Format (PDF) make it a priority for document management in business, government, and even personal use. The visual appeal of PDFs, the high level of security, and the ease of sharing propel users, including corporate ones, to switch to PDF as the base format. However, not everyone knows how to create PDF documents, since PDF initially became popular as a universal way to store and read books, magazine articles, etc. Learn how you can easily make a PDF online so you can continue to explore its unique capabilities.

Introduction to Creating PDFs Online

After PDF became an open format in 2008, the development of software tools for working with PDF began at an accelerated pace. And today, there are many ways to create a PDF. The only challenge is that users who are wondering how to make a file a PDF expect to see the word “Create” on the function button. However, the vast majority of easy and effective ways to create PDF files are done through the “Save As” function key. Thus, to create a PDF file in many popular programs, just use the “Save as” option:

  • If you work with Microsoft Word, select the “Save As” function, and in the drop-down list, pick the PDF format.
  • If you prefer Google Docs, in the “File” section, find the “Download” option, and in the secondary menu, select “PDF Document.”
  • You can also make a PDF from any web page. To do this, right-click on any web page and select the “Print” option. You will see the option “Save as PDF” in the settings window for printing. Click on the “Save” button and get your file.

Using Online Tools for Quick PDF Generation

Still, a more effective and faster way to create PDF files is online applications like PDF Guru. With their help, you can not only make PDFs but also perform many other useful actions:

  • Edit;
  • Compress;
  • Merge;
  • Protect with password;
  • Convert;
  • eSign, and much more.

Such online platforms give you a wide range of tools with which you can manage your PDF documents more professionally. To start editing a file in an online converter, you just need to complete 3 steps:

  1. Open the platform in any browser.
  2. Create your account, which will store the files you work with.
  3. Upload your file and start performing any operations with it.

You may be interested in how to make PDF files on your phone. In this case, you can also use PDF Guru since it works with any device. When you finish editing your file, it will automatically be saved in the file download folder on your phone.

Converting Various Document Formats to PDF Online

If the file you want to turn into a PDF has a different format, you may also use the online platform. In such a case, you will convert it to PDF in a couple of seconds and continue working. The course of action will be just as simple:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In the “Convert to PDF” section of the toolbar, select the format in which the file is currently saved, and press the button.
  3. Upload or drag your file into a window that will open.
  4. As soon as you upload your file, the program will automatically start converting it. In a couple of seconds, the finished PDF file will be in your account and in the download folder of your device.

What Formats Can Be Converted to PDF?

This way, you can convert many popular formats. Moreover, you can perform a reverse conversion and change the PDF into the following formats:

  • Word
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • Excel
  • PPTX, etc.

The user-friendliness of PDF tools allows you to easily create and convert files of this type. In addition, you are offered many other options for processing PDF files that will be useful in your daily work with documents. Explore the wide range of possibilities of PDF Makers to be at the forefront of progress.

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