Activate Plex App on Your TV and Other Devices


Managing media storage is a difficult task, especially, when you have lots of media files including your favorite movies, TV shows, and other entertainment files. You might have also faced another issue that whenever you want to use the files on other devices, you need to transfer the files. Plex application gives you the best solution for using your files from any portable device without transferring the files. Therefore, you watch your favorite content from multiple devices. This article will explain to you how to watch the Plex app on multiple devices by connecting your Plex account with the device.

Linking Multiple Devices with Plex TV Account:

Plex application allows you to connect or link 15 devices with your Plex account. In order to access the media from the Plex application, you need to link every single device with your Plex account. You can not link more than 15 devices with your account. However, you can remove a previous device and add a new device to your Plex account.

Simple Steps to Link your TV and Other Devices with the Plex App–

You can link several smart devices with the Plex TV application using the following steps such as-


You have to go to the application store of your device where you want to watch Plex TV. In the application store, you have to search for the Plex TV application and install the application.

Plex TV Link Code:

After the installation of the Plex TV app, you have to open the app and log in to your Plex account. Once you will log in to your Plex account, you will find a link code on the next screen. You have to copy this link code.

Plex TV Activation Page:

Now, you have to visit using your smartphone or computer. Here, you will see a login page. Once again, you have to log in to your Plex account using your account information.

Entry of the Link Code and Activation:

After logging in to your account on, you will find an activation page. On this page, you have to enter the link code on the available space and click on the continue button. Your activation process is complete now and you can enjoy watching Plex TV on your device.

Sign in Methods:

You can use several sign-in methods on your device. The most efficient methods for signing in to a Plex account are-
i) Google login
ii) Login using email id and Plex account password
iii) Facebook login
iv) Log in with Apple

Benefits of Plex App:

There are several advantages for using Plex app such as-

  • With this app, you can use shared content with friends and family members.
  • You can find and access your media including personal files, videos, web shows, podcasts, streaming music, etc.
  • You can access your content when you are traveling or away from home.
  • Plex app provides a secure connection to the Plex media server.
  • This application takes care of confidentiality.
  • You can also the subscription feature.
  • Besides letting you watch your content, this app tracks your files, organizes the files in the media server, and protects your content from the access of other people.
  • There are no geographical limitations to sharing the content.
  • Over the air, you can also record your videos and shows and watch them later from anywhere.