Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date & More: Hottest Update on Your Favorite Show

Gravity falls season 3 release date

One of the sweetest childhood nostalgic memories is watching cartoons and wandering in the dream world. Like me who love to watch cartoons, we do not want to lose that attachment. For this reason, we eagerly wait for the next seasons of our favorite cartoon shows to release. One such American animated mystery and comedy TV series is Gravity Falls which was hugely loved by many people around the globe for its engaging plot, creative writing, beautiful characters, and humorous appeal.

Alex Hirsh made this TV series for Disney XD and Disney Channel. While the first two seasons of Gravity Falls received great appreciation, an enormous number of fans still wait for the third season of this series.

Stay tuned with us! we are glad to offer you the hottest update on Gravity Falls Season 3 release date and many more.

Gravity Falls: Third Season

Apart from fans’ love, Gravity Falls has received a BAFTA Children’s Award, two Emmy Awards, and three Annie awards, and many other awards. Gravity Falls first appeared in 2012 on the Disney Network and after two years, Disney released the second season of the show in 2014. However, from there on, we have spent five years and received no update about the third season. Although there were some rumors regarding the release of the next season, now it’s time to let you know the truth about will there be ever a season three.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release date: Season 3 Cancelled or Any Twist Is There?

The season was concluded with its last air on February 15, 2016. From that date, we are waiting for the next season to come. If there is any season more of the show, we could have expected it around 2017 or 2018. But unfortunately, Disney did not release Season three until now. In fact, the story was concluded with the second season, and it is very unlikely to have any season more.

To understand whether there is any season 3, let’s inspect the statement of Alex Hirsh. Alex stated in November 2015 that the Gravity Falls series would conclude with the second season. From this statement, it is clear that it would be unrealistic to expect the third season. But who knows about the future? There may come a bright morning when we will hear the news about the return of Gravity Falls. Maybe a reader of this article will come up one day with an idea to release this beautiful cartoon show again.

Why Was Season Three Cancelled?

It is better to say that Season 3 was not canceled as there was no plan for season 3. The series ended with the second season. It was completely the decision of the show creator to present the story in this way. We can only hope that fans’ expectations may one day insist the creator rethink the comeback of the series. Whatever happens in the future, Dipper, Mable, Grunkle Stan, the grumpy, and Soos will definitely remain in our hearts for a long time.