Guide to Hire Mobile App Developer for Your Business

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Hiring a mobile app developer can feel like an easy task from the start – but there are unique risks that you need to consider along the way. There’s a lot more that goes into finding and hiring the right mobile app programmer than just posting a job listing and waiting for responses. In order to hire developers successfully, it’s important to understand each step of the process and be aware of the potential pitfalls associated with each stage. This article will delve deeper into this process, taking a close look at each stage in order to provide readers with the tools they need to hire successful mobile app developers who can bring their ideas to life.

Ways to hire mobile app developers

When developing a mobile app, hiring mobile app developers is an essential step to get started. There are several options available to meet the specific requirements of any project:

  • Freelance provides the freedom, flexibility, and fast turnaround time needed for many projects to be completed on budget and schedule.
  • Assembling an in-house team ensures expertise, and quality control while still being time efficient.
  • Outsourcing companies provide access to vast resources along with the latest technology and tools that enable quicker development processes with better-optimized apps.
  • A staff augmentation gives access to working as part of an experienced development team without the need for additional full-time hire costs.

How to find a mobile app developer with the right skills?

Most business owners make the mistake of choosing new hires simply because they didn’t prepare for the event. A person with the wrong skills is a sure path to loss. The following aspects need to be studied in more detail:

  • Platform. With a high degree of probability, you will immediately need an Android application developer. Of course, if you need a cross-platform app built with Flutter or similar technology, hiring an Android app developer might not be enough – you may need to look at other specialists in mobile development. Ultimately, it’s important to recognize the tech expertise of your future development team will depend on the goals and scope of your project – and having these details cemented from the outset can make finding an appropriate candidate much simpler.
  • Application type. Ensuring that your app programmer has an in-depth understanding of both the technology and the industry that your business operates within is invaluable for maximizing the potential of the final product. Not all app developers are able to design and create apps for any and every use. Rather, it is advisable to select a software development company with experience in developing applications specifically tailored towards businesses within your industry.
  • Portfolio. When looking for mobile app developers to hire, a portfolio examination is one of the most common methods of assessing their work quality. Their portfolio can provide insight into skill sets, including the requirements and challenges of their previous projects, tech stacks used, and industries they specialize in. This allows you to have a more complete understanding of the mobile app development experience they offer before making your decision.
  • Reviews. Reviews and ratings play a pivotal role when it comes to hiring mobile developers or IT vendors. It pays to take things very seriously and look into each platform’s reviews section to understand the feedback given by previous clients. Not only should you pay attention to the overall score, but also what problems drove them to those developers in the first place – and how everything eventually panned out for them.

What to look for when hiring an app developer?

It is necessary to say in more detail those points that should be looked at especially closely when recruiting. This will help you avoid a lot of problems.

  • Level of English. When choosing the ideal region for outsourcing a mobile project, it is essential to factor in the language barrier. Especially when dealing with app development and working with a team of professionals, effective cooperation is key.
  • The difference in time zones. By hiring an app development team located remotely, you may face some issues due to the time difference. For example, when it’s 8:00 AM in Kyiv, it’s 1:00 AM in New York City.
  • Temperament and emotional stability. It is better to choose those employees who are similar to you in their views, so mutual understanding will be achieved. If the views differ, but the developer is ready to hear the tasks and perform them, then he is also a worthy candidate.
  • The level of basic skills. The presence of a long list of skills in the portfolio does not mean that the candidate possesses all of them equally. It is worth understanding the strengths and weaknesses to determine how well a person is suited for a particular project.
  • Teamwork. Teamwork skills are very important, otherwise, it can be difficult to achieve the right result.

What questions to ask in an interview?

Questions in a particular case depend on the tasks, but in general, it is worth knowing the following:

  • What approaches and methods do you most often use in application development?
  • What type of monetization apps have you developed?
  • Do you follow any standards or guidelines when programming?
  • What design concepts do you have more experience with?
  • What specific application features did you implement in your previous job?
  • Describe the biggest challenge or bug you fixed.
  • What do you use to secure the application?

How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?

When businesses are looking to hire a mobile app developer, there are numerous factors to consider. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, prices can vary greatly; it’s not unusual for hiring app developers to cost anywhere from $30 an hour way up to $250 per hour. Обычно разработчики из Азии просят меньше: от $25 до $40 за час. Если рассматривать западную Европу, то чаще всего ценник на работу составляет $70-90. Разработчики из США, Канады чаще получают $50-70. It’s important to get quotes from multiple developers before making a decision as this will give you some flexibility in terms of budgets and timelines.

Hiring a developer is far from the only way to build apps. Many companies offer mobile app development services (more info here). The advantage of this approach is that the business owner transfers all the difficulties in recruiting and managing personnel to a third-party company. This is a simpler, more effective, and affordable way to achieve the goal. If you like this, learn more about turnkey mobile app development services.


When hiring an app developer it is important to consider several factors. Pay attention to the developer’s level of English, temperament, skill set, and ability to work as a team. Keep in mind the cost differences between different regions and countries when selecting the right talent. If all this seems too complicated, trust the professionals.