Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Speculations and Rumors: The Hunt Continues

Hunter x Hunter Season 7

After six seasons of the iconic anime Hunter x Hunter, fans are still waiting with bated breath for the seventh. Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter is yet to get confirmation. However, there have been rumors and speculations about the show’s potential renewal. The most widely held fan theories and assumptions regarding the upcoming seventh season of Hunter × Hunter lists below.

1. The manga is yet to finish hence the hold on Hunter x Hunter Season 7

The fact that the manga is yet to conclude explains why Hunter x Hunter Season 7 announcement is impending. As the manga updates, it’s possible that the anime’s creators may wait until the story concludes in print before moving further. There have been many breaks in the manga series that have slowed the publication of new chapters. Yoshihiro Togashi, the manga’s creator, has lately started work on the manga, giving readers renewed hope for new installments.

2. Season 7 will cover the Dark Continent arc

Fans of the Hunter x Hunter manga series have speculated that season 7 of the anime would adapt the upcoming Dark Continent arc. There are hazardous monsters and undiscovered riches hidden throughout the wide landscape of the Dark Continent arc. The arc delves into the background of the Hunter Association and the creation of the Nen power structure.

3. Studio Madhouse might not return as the animation studio

Since the beginning, Studio Madhouse has been responsible for animating the Hunter x Hunter anime series. The animation studio may not be back for Hunter x Hunter Season 7, according to speculations. Studio Madhouse has received both praise and criticism for the way it treats its animators, despite the studio’s reputation for excellence in the field. Fans have speculated that the anime’s creators may change animation studios in order to better treat the artists that work on the show.

4. The release date is uncertain

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 has yet to get a solid premiere date. As previously reported, the manga series is still ongoing. This might cause the anime’s debut to push back. Season 7’s release might further find delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the anime industry. The release date is still up in the air, but fans are expecting word from the producers soon.

5. The possible absence of voice performers

Fans have also speculated that not all of the voice performers will be back for Season 7. Voice actors play a crucial role in the animation business because of the vital role they play in bringing the characters to life. Unfortunately, certain voice performers may be unable to return for Season 7. Some fans may be dismayed if this results in the departure of their favorite voice performers.

Fans of Hunter x Hunter still await an official word about the release of Hunter x Hunter Season 7 of the show. There is no set date for the manga’s publication since it is still being written. There have been reports that Studio Madhouse would not return as the animation studio. But, fans are certain that the Dark Continent storyline will be covered in season 7. It’s also possible that not all of the voice performers may remain for Season 7, which would necessitate recasting certain roles. There has been much conjecture about whether or not Hunter x Hunter will return for a seventh season, but fans are still holding out hope that it will.