Everything About: Jerry Krause Net Worth and Tragic Demise

Jerry Krause

On March 21, 2017, The NBA and Chicago Bulls lost one of the most beloved team managers and person, Jerry Krause. Jerry’s demise came as a shock to not just the team and the federation but Basketball lovers all across America. 

Jerry Krause has known popularly to be the reason behind the success that the NBA team Chicago Bulls holds today. He, during his time, enjoyed a fantastic career and popularity. Jerry introduced Michael Jordan to the world. He was a part of the NBA team that was unbeaten six seasons in a row, the Chicago Bulls. Along with Jordan, Jerry scouted players like Charles Oakley, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen, among others who went on to lift the NBA trophy between 1991 and 1998. 

Jerry Krause Early Life 

Jerry was born and brought up in Chicago, where he did his initial schooling too. Not basketball, Jerry was initially indulged in baseball in High School at Bradley Institute. During his college days, Jerry met with an opportunity to scout for Baltimore Bullets. His discovery Earl Monroe later went on to win the Hall of Fame. 

Jerry continued his work and also recommended Phil Jackson for the Bullets. His recommendations not considered and Jackson never made it to the team that year. Years later, Jerry asked Phil to join the Chicago Bulls as the coach to which he agreed. Phil reviewed the team and coached it to win titles after titles. It was the same team that had Jordan, Ron, and Pippin among other players in it. 

In his early days before Jerry landed in the Bulls, he worked in various teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, and Philadelphia 76ers. 

Jerry Krause Achievements 

Along with his career, Jerry Krause enjoyed a great deal of success and several achievements. However, the most remarkable ones would be drafting the playing 11 of the Chicago Bulls and the team coach. The entire team went on to win six consecutive titles. He gave the world hall of fame players, including Scottie Pippin and Michale Jordan.

Jerry Krause Death

Jerry Krause’s sudden demise came as a shock to everyone who knew of him. He was 77 years young when he lost to his deteriorating health condition and issues including osteomyelitis that lead to his death. The team was in utter denial as they issued a note to the press describing how they felt about Jerry’s early death. NBA too issued statements noting the impeccable career Jerry had with the federation and that his contribution will always remain in their thoughts. 

Jerry Krause Net Worth 

The general manager of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause was and is still one of the greatest Scouts and Manager of any sporting team. Jerry enjoyed length success in his career. Although a straightforward figure is not available of his net value, stating it in the tens of millions would not be wrong. Jerry relished a lavish lifestyle and owned several properties and valuables.