The place from Netflix show The Ranch – Garrison Colorado real?

Garrison Colorado

Netflix has produced some of the most relatable and beloved sitcoms since its inception. One such is the binge worth show called The Ranch starring Austin Kutcher in the lead. The show is a drama depicting the maladjusted family relationship.

The series is set in iron river ranch in Garrison, Colorado, a fictional place that many believe to be an original location in the United States. 

In the world of The Rach, where exactly is Garrison? 

Garrison, as established, is a small town found in Colorado state. Although the state is as original as an American State can get, Garrison, on the other hand, is fictitious. The entire setting of the show is in the Iron Ranch that is in Garrison. The plot of the show spins around the ranch and the family that resides in it. The father, his wife, a bar owner in the town, and their children are the pillars of the show around which the Netflix show revolves. 

The other filming locations in The Ranch 

Creating a fictional town for a show is not an easy task. Even though it’s not real, the show needs real locations to shoot. If disappointed to learn that Garrison isn’t an original location, worry not; you can visit the locations The Ranch was shot in and enjoy a tour around. So, what are these locations? 

  1. If you are a fan of the opening locations, you can visit Norwood and Ouray, an original place in the state of Colorado. Since the show aired, these locations have seen a great influx of tourists and enthusiasts of the show. You would fit right in. Both places have got some really exciting landscapes to relish and click pictures.
  2. Other than a couple of locations, a majority of the show is shot in front of a live audience at the Warner Bros Studios in California. Although the show has stopped production, you can still visit the place and enjoy a tour around provided you have an appointment.

Why did Jameson Bennett a.k.a Rooster leave The Ranch

Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher have performed alongside many shows, including The 70’s Show and The Ranch. Masterson, who played the character named Rooster in The Ranch, had to leave the show unexpectedly. Masteron was an executive producer and co-star on the show quit the show due to the sequel allegations against him. The episode shows Rooster being threatened at gunpoint towards the end of Part 5 and that was it for the conclusion of Bennett’s character. It was later discovered that these allegations were wrong, and the show went a long way to bring back Rooster for a final appearance. 

The Ranch has ended, and all eight seasons of the show are found on the hit streaming platform Netflix. Bottom line, the town The Ranch based on is not real. However, you can visit other locations where the show was shot including Norwood in Colorado.