All You Need to Know About Larry Bird’s Wife-  Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird's wife

If we talk about the NBA many names pop up in our minds today. But, a discussion on the legends of the NBA who actually made the sport what it is today will lead you to Larry Bird. The man, the legend, Larry Bird has led a tremendous career playing with icons like Michel Jordan. While we all know about him, Larry Bird’s wife, Dinah Mattingly is a mystery to many. 

Through this article we will explore everything about Dinah so you don’t have to go anywhere. 

Meet Dinah Mattingly 

Larry Bird’s wife is Dinah Mattingly. Although she has kept quite a personal life, everyone has always been keen on knowing her. One of the few places she has been was during Larry Bird’s games. 

Dinah Mattingly, Larry Bird’s wife, is an American. She came into existence in Vigo County Indiana state, America. Her early education goes back to Indiana State University from where she got her graduation in Physical Education. Post graduation she began applying ghee knowledge, teaching at North Side High School based in Indiana.

It is believed that Larry Bird’s wife met him during the early days of college itself. However, they really started dating after Dinah got her graduation degree. The story of Larry Bird’s wife and him is one of togetherness. They got together in 1986 and married in 1989. Ever since then, they have been together. 

How old is Dinah Mattingly? 

Dinah is 70 years old, born on November 16 1954 in the state of Indiana. 

Other details about Dinah Mattingly 

Larry Bird’s wife has a height of 5,5. She is a graduate and weighs anywhere between 135 and 140 lbs. It’s also important to know that Dinah Mattingly is not related to Don Mattingly. 

The chemistry between Dinah and Larry Bird 

Larry and Dinah have had quite a chemistry. Several pictures of them together across the years have shown us how into each other they are. Dinah is about two years older than Larry which we believe is also a good reason why there is mutual respect and understanding between the couple.

Importantly, Dinah and Larry have spent over three decades together. This could not have been possible if Janet Condra hadn’t divorced Larry in 1975. Janet and Larry were together for a year. Although separated later, they had a daughter in 1977, during their marriage. 

Dinah and Larry tied the knot in 1989 but their relationship existed for almost a decade. They got engaged way back in the 1980s.

Dinah and Larry’s Children 

The couple haven’t had their own children. However, Larry Bird’s Wife and he adopted two children early in their marriage. Mariah and Conner are the adopted children of Dinah and Larry. Just like Dinah, the children too have had a life away from the cameras. However, People have spotted the couple with their children during NBA and NFL games. 


What is the name of Larry Bird’s wife?

Dinah Mattingly is the name of Larry Bird’s wife. She and Larry have been married over 34 years. 

Is Dinah Mattingly on Instagram?

No, since his wife wants to keep her life private, she doesn’t have an Instagram account. Not even a private one.