Marcia Harvey: The First Wife of Steve Harvery

Marcia Harvey

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone in America knows who Steve Harvey is. The famous celebrity, popularly known for his non-fiction TV shows like Family Feud and The Steve Harvey Show had left quite an impression on the American television industry. But, today we aren’t discussing the accomplishments of Steve Harvey but his first wife Marcia Harvey. 

Steve and Marcia Harvey met in the early days of Steve’s career when he wasn’t this big a name as he is now. The couple got close to each other and soon married. While married they had three children. However, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and Marcia Harvery split with Steve in 1994. So, where and how is Marcia now? Let’s check it in this quick post. 

Early Life of Marcia Harvey

There is very little chatter in public about Marcia as she likes to enjoy a private life. However, there are some things that we can confirm. Marcia is an American citizen born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 22, 1955. Further, Steve and Marcia Harvey both were married between 1981 and 1994 which is 13 years. She currently resides in the United States and is 68 years of age. 

Marcia Harvey’s Children

Marcia had three children with Harvery during the span of 13 years of their marriage. The couple got blessed with twin daughters namely – Brand and Karli. They were born just after a year of Marcia and Harvery’s marriage I.e in 20th August, 1982. After a long gap of almost nine years the next child born to the couple was Broderick Harvey, Jr on 29th April, 1991. 

Did Marcia Harvey leave Steve Harvey?

While Steve and Marcia were separating in 1994, a lot of rumors of Marcia not being happy with Steve for his disregard for family circulated. As we have learned about the private nature of Marcia, there isn’t any confirmation on the reason for their separation. However, several unconfirmed sources say it was because Steve spent more time working than with family. Rumors of infidelity from Steve’s end also rose as their marital relationship came to its conclusion.

Marcia Harvery’s career

While Steve took up a career in comedy, Marcia became an accomplished writer with several notable exceptions to her name including Marcia: Eyes to the soul, which released in April 2011. She continued this series with Marcia: Poems from the heart and Marcia: Thoughts from my mind in 2011 and 2014 respectively. 

Marcia Harvey’s Net Worth

With several books to her name and a successful clothing line, we can guess her net worth to be between 1 and 2 million. 

Marcia Harvey is a respected woman who, although having all the opportunity to enjoy a public life, has chosen to keep her life under wraps. We wish her a long life and all the more success. 


Who is Marcia Harvery

Marcia Harvey is the first wife of Steve Harvery. She is also known for her series of books titled Marcia. She is currently 68 years old. 

How many kids did Marcia Harvey have with Steve Harvey? 

Steve and Marcia had three children during the 13 years of marriage. They had twin daughters in 1982 followed by a son in 1991.