Navigating Your New Boiler Installation in the UK: Essential Tips for Homeowners

Boiler Installation
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As the temperature drops, a boiler becomes your home’s centre of attraction. But what if you need to get a new one? Wait a minute, before you rush to Google “boiler installation near me”, let’s share with you some essential tips on how to navigate your boiler installation so that your home stays as warm as possible.

Choosing the Right Boiler

It’s important to choose a boiler only after considering the heating and hot water requirements of your home, as this will affect what boiler you require.

Combination boilers are suitable for small homes with one bathroom. System boilers are good if you have more than one bathroom. Conventional boilers go well in homes with more than two bathrooms. Boiler sizes are measured in kilowatts rather than their physical dimensions. So, if your heating and hot water requirements are higher, you will need a boiler with higher kilowatts. 

Boilers are available in gas, LPG, oil and some other variants. But as gas boilers are cost-effective, most homeowners prefer them over the other types. The fuel type also depends on its availability in your area. Your engineer will be the best to help you select the right one that fits your needs. At this point, you might wonder “Where can I find a reliable engineer for boiler installation near me?”, then Ry Group can be your best choice.

New Boiler Installation Cost

The installation cost depends upon the type of boiler, its fuel, labour cost and the duration of work. In the UK, the average cost of a new boiler falls in the range of £500 to £4,000, and the installation will cost you from £1,700 to £2,400, depending on the work.

But if you’re on a budget, you can always look for some companies that provide affordable and cheap boiler installation services without compromising on the quality.

Finding a Reliable Boiler Installer

If you bought a great boiler but failed to get the right installer, you will land yourself in some trouble. Many scammers can put your life at risk by pretending to be a genuine boiler engineer. Hire an engineer or installer only after verifying their details like licences, experience, expertise, availability, pricing and customer service. For example, all gas engineers must be Gas Safe Registered.

If you are in London and are wondering where you can find the best service for gas boiler installation near me? Then Ry Group can be your best choice.

Best Place for Your Boiler Installation

Choosing the best spot to install your boiler can be tricky due to the nature of the device and the legal regulations guiding its position. Traditionally, boilers were installed near places where the requirement for water was greater, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Modern boilers come with low noise and more safety features, so you can get them installed in any part of your house. 

But it’s wiser to follow the installer’s advice before making the final decision.

How Long Does a New Boiler Installation Take?

A standard boiler installer can take around 8-16 hours to install a new boiler. But duration may vary depending upon the type of boiler, fuel, place of installation, existing pipelines, etc.

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New Boiler Installation Process

Initial Assessment and Preparation: An engineer will visit your home to assess the size and setup of your home, heating and hot water requirements, pipework and radiators. Based on that, they will suggest the type and size of the boiler, the best place for installation, flue and ventilation requirements.

Installation: The engineer will start the installation by cleaning and flushing the system to remove any debris. They will make changes in the existing pipeline if required. Then, they will fit the boiler, filter and flue, finally connecting the boiler to the water and gas supply.

Testing: The engineer will look for any gas leakage, check the heating and hot water system, and test and configure the heating controls before handing it over to you. They will provide you with a boiler manual and guide you on operating the boiler safely.

Documentation: The Gas Safe engineer will record your boiler and inform the local authority so that you receive the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. They will register your boiler with the boiler manufacturer for a warranty.

Maintenance: Get your boiler serviced every year after the boiler installation to keep it running for years. This includes inspecting, cleaning and making changes to the components if required. A well-maintained boiler has fewer scale buildups and breakdowns, reduced energy consumption and risk of accidents.

Ry Group for Your Gas Boiler Installation Needs

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