No Game No Life Season 2: All Updates You need to Know

No Game No Life

While No Game No Life has proved to be a successful hit both on its first airing and its Netflix release fans have been left in the dark when it comes to a proper continuation. So today let’s take a look at the state of the franchise and answer what exactly is going on with No Game No Life season 2.

So far there’s no official confirmation of when or even if a second season for the anime show will come out. While anime sequels can happen years after release. And often without warning, this does mean there’s no official No Game No Life Season 2 release date.

Can we expect the Second Season of No Game No Life?

As we mentioned above it’s not uncommon for anime shows to get continuations years after the original’s conclusion. So the option is always there for No Game No Life.

While there hasn’t been a new episode of the show since 2014 a movie did get released in the form of No Game No Life Zero in the year 2017. This means that the franchise is both no stranger to long pauses. And that it’s still a relevant and profitable franchise for producer Madhouse.

Additionally, the series and movies have recently added to Netflix in most countries. That means there’s been a surge of viewers and invested audiences in the franchise. Netflix has proved time and time again to be a major reason for relaunches and sequels. That’s why the impact of the streaming service could help the announcement of a second season.

What can we expect from the plot?

The original anime season only covered the first 3 volumes of the light novel series. While the movie focused on volume 6. And considering there are over 10 volumes of the novel right now that’s a lot of content to adapt.

If the second season continues to adapt the novels in the order we can expect to see the sibling team of Sora and Shiro traveling to the land of Oceando to awaken the sleeping siren princess. Which covers the next two volumes of the original source material.

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Cast information and beyond

Anime is particularly attached to its voice actors both in English and Japanese. So, we can safely expect both casts to return for a potential second season. This means we’ll be hearing Yoko Hikasa, Ai Kayano, and Yoshitsugo Matsuoka in the Japanese version and Sara Ornelas, Caitlynn French, and Scott Gibs when it comes to the English dub.