Positive Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting: What’s the Difference?

Traditional Parenting
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One of the most difficult things in the world is to raise a child properly. This is because it instigates the emotional and social development of a child. Therefore, today, parents are moving out of the shells of traditional parenting and looking to raise better children.
Unless they are Asian and Indian parents who believe harsh punishment is the way to raise kids. In other words, trying to put them under conformity and denial is unhealthy parenting.
Well, everyone’s parents are not like Richard Feynman, who will teach the truest essence of learning and understanding. Consequently, the least the parents can do is look after their child’s emotional well-being.
Hence, in the present article, we will discuss the differences between positive parenting and traditional parenting.

Positive Parenting VS Traditional Parenting

As discussed earlier, parents are coming out of the shells of traditional parenting to give their children better support and care. This, in turn, leads to self-confident and emotionally intelligent children.
Hence, it is important to give them the basic fundamentals that are required to raise healthy children. Here are a few differences between traditional positive parenting:

Punishment And Discipline

Positive Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting
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Traditional parenting is strict and authoritative, where severe punishment is considered the best way to discipline a child. That is why the parents issue harsh punishment, which can make them disregarded and disrespected.
Furthermore, with traditional parenting, the child becomes alienated from society. It is because they have to be under a strict military regime, where, for one mistake, severe punishment awaits. Consequently, it impacts the emotional well-being of a child.
On the other hand, positive parenting is about dialogue, where boundaries are set that children can’t cross. The morals of rights and wrongs are thought through a set of objectives.
Therefore, if the child breaks it, little punishment is given, such as being grounded for a week or putting out the garbage for a month. This will teach the child where they did wrong and how they could have prevented it.


Positive Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting
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Children are like the plaster of Paris. Your parenting skills will develop them into kind and gentle souls. Hence, communication becomes key, as both sides must speak to maintain transparency and resolve issues. However, this needs to be included when you look at positive parenting. It is more like a normal citizen trying to talk to the president. In other words, communication happens from one side, with parents speaking and children following it. The idea of children communicating their issues is clearly missing in traditional parenting. That is why you will see the rate of lies told to parents is higher in conventional parenting methods.
Whereas in positive parenting, the children can speak their hearts out. They can communicate any ideas and thoughts, which develops their communication skills. Moreover, positive parenting methods rely on two-way dialogue. This allows them to find a middle ground if there is any issue.
Hence giving more confident and healthy kids for future endeavors.

Friendly Figure

Positive Parenting vs. Traditional Parenting
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When children grow up, they want parents who will become their friends with whom they can communicate every little bit of their daily lives. Sometimes, it is impossible, especially in traditional parenting, where parents remain authoritative. They will make the decisions for you, and you have to follow them without making an issue. Therefore, they cannot be your friends with whom you can share everything. Later on, it poses a huge impact on the parent-children relationship.
Furthermore, they cannot work as a team and follow up with the development goals as a parent and children. On the other hand, the scenario is different. Positive parenting believes in working as a team. Hence, even if there is friction in the group, they remain calm and positive to foster better child growth.
You will find calmness, positivity, and someone to talk to in this parenting style. This gives an edge to children to communicate their daily activities and clear out engaging issues in their lives. Therefore, it fosters better mental growth and reduces the rate of anxiety, depression, and hypertension in children.

Innovation In Parenting Is Key

As we move towards a more modern age, technology is changing our lives. We need to look at parenting to develop better kids for the future. Therefore, we need positive parenting, which will teach all the good things to the children. From empathy to kindness, everything will be fostered in a child.
Whereas, with traditional parenting, you will keep raising emotionally unstable, abusive kids and have negative attitudes toward everything. Hence, if you are new in the parenting scene, you should take inspiration from positive parenting.
In simple words, treat your children with:
• Calmness and positivity.
• Set realistic achievement goals in school and at home.
• Set real boundaries for school and friends.
• Say NO to harsh punishment.
• Approach a negative attitude with positivity.