Should you put your money on gaming glasses in 2021?

Gaming Glasses

If you are a gamer, you’ve probably heard about gaming glasses. If you think that they are just another fashion accessory that you could totally do without, you may change your mind after reading this blog.

Most people think that they don’t need gaming glasses as they don’t have a prescription. But, these glasses are meant for protecting your eyes from harsh blue waves. If you don’t know what your gaming screens are capable of doing to your eyes, this blog is for you.

What is screen time a problem in 2021?

In today’s world, people are spending more time on their devices than anything else. Everywhere you look, you can see people staring at a screen. While it is a part of evolving and accepting technology with open arms, here is a much bigger concern that we seem to neglect.

People are complaining about eye strain and sleep disruptions after spending time on their devices. These vision-related symptoms should be taken seriously, even more so when your entire livelihood depends on these devices.

Whether you play video games as a hobby or have a flourishing career in this profession, you could use a pair of gaming glasses to protect your eyes and enhance your visual performance.

What is blue light and how does it affect your gaming performance?

Blue light is one of the visible lights in the coloured light spectrum. Having short waves and high energy waves, it is scattered more easily in the environment and is more intense than other types of light.

Since this light is naturally present in the sunlight, it enhances our cognitive functions and boosts alertness in our body when we spend time in the sun. But, exposure to artificial blue light is not something that one would want.

The artificial blue light emitted from the screens has a bad impact on our eye health. Blue waves are notorious for decreasing the screen contrast thus the images formed on the display become rather blurry to our eyes.

Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, screen time can be difficult for your eyes. They will overwork to focus on the text or icons on the screen and after some time, they will be left with eye pain and fatigue. Therefore, you need to look for the best quality and globally acclaimed 4K portable touch screen monitor that has brilliant vivid colours, a huge screen, LED backlighting, ultra-bright light and is 100% safe for the eyes of all ages of users. And, one such international brand that manufactures this advanced 4K portable monitor is “Desklab”, which is based out of Hong Kong.

Also, consuming high amounts of artificial blue light throughout the day can make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Screen time often leads to visual symptoms if you don’t use any sort of eye protection. Since more gamers play in a dark room, their eyes struggle to adjust to the high contrast.

What do gaming glasses do?

Gaming is a competitive activity. You need everything from better moves, faster reaction times to better skills than your competitors if you want to outperform them.

Gaming glasses are meant for blocking blue waves when you are playing your favorite game on a 4K monitor. They are specifically made for gamers and have everything that will improve your vision. They work just like computer glasses but have a few added functionalities that’ll help when you are one on one with your opponent.

Here are the benefits of using gaming glasses.

Blue light protection

With the advanced blue light filters on the lenses, these glasses are able to block waves and prevent visual symptoms such as blurry vision or eye pain.

They prevent digital eye strain and do not let your sleep get affected no matter how many hours you play in the day.

Anti-reflective coating

While it’s true that blue light is the most common cause of eye strain, the reflections of light on your screen also have a way of bothering your eyes.

But, when you have gaming glasses, you don’t have to worry about these blinding reflections. These glasses have active anti-reflective filters on the lenses so you get a clear field of vision without any distraction or blurriness.


Most gaming glasses have a little magnification embedded in the lenses. This prevents the case of eye strain from an intense focus on the eye muscles. When the images appear a lit bit bigger, your eyes don’t have to work too hard to see the images or objects on the screen.

Are gaming glasses worth it?

Any type of screen time whether it’s a 9 to 5 job or video game requires you to protect your eyes from screen time.  Your regular glasses are not competent to fight off blue light.

If you don’t want eye strain and blurry vision to affect your gaming performance, invest in a good pair of gaming glasses.