Slots, Poker, Bingo…. Are There Any Unusual Gambling Games Not Many Know About?

Unusual Gambling Games

The term casino games reminds us of the world of thrill and entertainment we eagerly wait for every weekend. Casino games always attract us with their unique combination of luck and strategy. The world of casinos and gambling is vast and ever-expanding with the addition of new and creative games. The increasing popularity of these games encourages gaming companies to launch their online versions where everyone can play without going to clubs and lobbies. However, when we talk about casino games or gambling, most of the time we consider popular games like Slots, Poker, Roulette, and Bingo. But there are also some other casino games that are less popular but can give you the same thrill and mind-blowing experience. So, if you are trying to find out some unusual online casino games to get out of your boredom then this article is just for you.

At current times casino game lovers are leaning more towards online platforms rather than going out for gambling. In order to satisfy the needs and demands of these gamers and game lovers, online casino gaming platforms like 7Slots have brought various types of games where strategy meets with luck. From classic games of cards like Poker to spinning slot machines, all are available on these platforms. But what about the less popular games? I’m sure you are eager to know the names of those games and how to play them. Don’t worry, this article is all about it. So, let’s get into this without further wait.

Casino masterpieces you haven’t found out yet

As I have said before, the world of casino games is vast and never-ending with the regular inclusion of creative and innovative games. So, it is next to impossible to mention and discuss all these games. Here I am going to let you know some of the most interesting but barely popular games in the gambling industry which will surely blow your minds.

1. Pachinko

Are you a casino game lover who is also crazy about anime? Then you will surely like Pachinko. This is a Japanese slot game with some additions and differences. In Japan, most casino games are not legal leaving out a few. Pachinko is one of those few legal casino games. You can say that this game is a combination of slot games and pinball with some anime characters here and there. The procedure of this game is easy and straightforward. You just need to aim the balls to make them land into specific pockets so that you can get more balls from the machine. More balls will bring more rewards.

2. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a type of dice game with easy rules and procedures. The game has a fun little history. A Canadian couple invented this game and named it “Yacht”. Over time, this game gained some popularity and was modified several times. In 1956, a popular gaming entrepreneur mass-produced the game making the trademark name “Yahtzee”. In 1973, a popular American gaming company, Milton Bradley owned the rights to this game and made it widely available. To play this game you have to roll five dice to make a specific combination. Each combination has a different scoring value. Each player can play three times to come up with the combination. Finally, the highest scorer will win the game.

3. Chicken Challenge

This is another unusual but amusing casino game that is different from the widely popular ones. This is basically traditional nought and cross-game but with a little bit of twist. You get to play against a chicken whose name is Ginger! The origin of this game is Atlantic City, New Jersey where the players really used to play with a live chicken. The rules are easy, you have to get three crosses or noughts in a row. Just one warning, don’t take Ginger as an easy opponent.

Image by gleb_guralnyk on Freepik