Top 5 Handhelds Gamers are Most Excited to See in 2022

Handhelds Gamers

Lots of gamers like handhelds. Not only do they afford more flexibility and play games on the go, but are also more convenient, powerful, and fun to play. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the most anticipated handheld systems of 2022.

  • Retro handhelds are also making a rapid comeback. Such legendary systems as the GBA, PSP, Nintendo, DS, and others are having a second life now that retro gamers install emulators and download GBA and PS2 ROMs. You can also do the same and enjoy retro classics on your smartphone and any other modern device without a physical console. 

#1 Miyoo P60

The P60 is an Helio P60 handheld from Miyoo that has faced pretty substantial delays after the company showed off the device that appeared early for retail as early as January of this year. This device uses an 8-core CPU with a decent GPU compared to other devices on the market today. The Helio P60 is a relatively cheap processor due to its age, and it’s significantly more powerful than many of the handhelds you can buy today, even though the process is almost 4 years old at this point. Miyoo typically has some of the cheapest prices for their products in this market, so a lot of people hope that the P60 will continue this trend and provide a good bang for your buck option.  

#2 Steam Deck

The Stream Deck is a handheld that has technically already been released, but it’s still not available in many markets around the globe. Beyond being something that has high demand where it’s available for purchase, the Steam Deck has set very aggressive pricing versus performance thresholds that all future devices will have to compete against. That’s not to say that handhelds over 650$ won’t be able to create a compelling reason for people to purchase them. They might just be competing for an even smaller consumer base going forwards. If the Steam Deck ends up being a financial boon for Valve going forward, it stands to reason that its impact on the products of other companies will be felt for many years to come.

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#3 Odin Lite

The Snapdragon version of the Odin handheld has already been released in some capacity, but the company is still working its way through the crowd-funded orders. The company still needs to get to the point where it can sell a product on normal retail channels without the need to wait for a product to be manufactured. The Odin Lite version of the device has so far not shipped at all. And much like the Steam Deck, it’s going to act as an imposing figure that other companies will have to compete against for the next few years due to the price versus performance it offers at around 200$.

#4 RG053

The RG053 is a handheld from Anbernic that looks about ready for retail release. After riding the RK3326 train for four of their last products, Anbernic seems ready to offer up something with a bit more power to handle the systems that people will want to emulate. This time around, the company has paired up a 5’ 544p 16×9 OLED screen from the PS Vita with an RK3566 CPU. This is a more powerful chip compared to RK3326, all with only a few more dollars added to the SoC price tag. If history is any indication of what users expect from the company, you should see the RK3566 CPU in several of their products this year.

#5 Retroid Pocket 3

The Retroid Pocket 3 is the long-awaited successor to the Retroid Pocket 2 from 2020. The Retroid 2 design has recently been reused for the Retroid Pocket 2+ to act as a bridge between the RP2 and RP3 due to the performance jump between the handhelds. Like other handhelds on this list, not much is known about the Retroid Pocket 3. From leaked patent designs, we can get an idea of what the device will look like. It has Vita-style buttons and two analog sticks on the bottom in the layout of the Vita. Retroid is the slowest to release new products, as you may know. The company doesn’t want to have more than one product release in a single calendar year, whereas other companies can have multiple handhelds using the same software and hardware and making only minor changes to the design or case material.

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