How You Can Use Local Search Marketing to Get More Customers

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50% of all Google searches are customers looking for local hotspots or information. If you want to improve your marketing strategies to get more customers, you should be using local search marketing. This article explores how to do this, whether you are just starting out or own a successful business.

What Is Local Search Marketing?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, you should understand exactly what this term means. Local search marketing is about promoting and advertising your business within a local area. Any business can use this marketing strategy, whether you are completely virtual or own a store.

To get noticed in a local area, your website needs an excellent SEO strategy. If you need help developing an SEO strategy for local search marketing, “” can help. They specialize in SEO services in Glasgow and the UK, improving your local search rankings and increasing traffic to your site.

Use Local Ads

If you want your business to be recognized in an area, creating local ads is a good start. Google Ads are one way to do this and allow you to set location parameters to ensure people within a certain range can find your store. If you work remotely, you can still make use of this feature and target certain areas. Similarly, Facebook Ads can be used to promote your business further and rank higher on local searches.

Try Google My Business

We all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the UK, so optimize your strategy for Google My Business and create a business page. You should encourage customers to share reviews through this service, as Google is more likely to rank your website higher if you have online reviews.

When responding to reviews, use local search words to improve this strategy, such as the name of the town and area you are in. Google My Business works really well for restaurants and takeaways who want to promote business in their local area.

Have Your Business Name, Address, And Phone Number On Your Website

The best way for customers to find you is through name, address, and phone number. If you have this information on each page of your website, you are more likely to be found locally. Do not include this in a picture, as searches will not find information through an image. Put this on your site in the footer and create a contact us page.

Get Your Business Included In Online Directories

Long gone are the days Yellow Pages are delivered to your home, nowadays this information can be found online and much quicker at that. The more online directories you are included in, the more likely customers will find you in local searches.

Local search marketing starts with a good SEO strategy. Use local ads, Google My Business, and include essential information like your business name, address, and phone number across your website and ads. Add your business to online directories to improve your local search marketing strategies and get more customers.