Zoomée: The New Video Conferencing App That’s All The Craze

Zoomée: The New Video Conferencing App

Professional or personal, gone are the days of meetings and invites. Everything is now E, as in, E-meetings, E-invites, and so on and so forth. To meet the growing demand for business and interpersonal meetings, video chats and conferences, several apps have come forth. However, each app has its own set of backlogs that customers need to deal with. As there are very few options in the market, people have to use the existing apps even if they like it or not. To beat this there is a new app called Zoomée.

Zoomée is all the craze and for all the good reasons. It’s the latest video conferencing and general chatting and interacting app whose variety of features and user-friendly interface has attracted many customers in very little time. So, what makes this video interaction app different from others and should you use it? Let’s explore everything about Zoomée in this quick yet detailed blog post. 

What is Zoomée?

To put it in simple terms, it is a new-age video conferencing app designed for both professional and personal use. It makes employee collaborations, family interactions, instant video meetings and chats a breeze. The application is available across devices spanning from the web to iOS and Android. The best part of zoomée is that you don’t need a lot of prerequisites to get started with the app, just your phone/tablet/laptop and a stable internet connection

In contrast to international communications for which you need to pay a ton of money, with zoomée you can instantly connect with people from anywhere in the world. Not one or two, but multiple people can join your conversation and interface for long durations without any interruptions. 

It offers a variety of features like screen sharing, emojis, chat boxes, polling, and breakout rooms. The best part is that you can record meetings too with this app. This is a feature that not a lot of video conferencing applications provide. 

The Top Features of Zoomée

An app like Zoomée comes with a ton of features and rightly so. It’s evident that the video conferencing environment is one that’s very competitive and monopolistic to a certain extent. Hence, if you don’t have features that can attract audiences, your app will fail. Zoomée understands this vividly and has several features to attract and retain users. What are some of these top features? Let’s explore: 

Unhindered Group Chatting

With Zoomée you can have instant group chats. Several members can collaborate from anywhere in the world and interact with each other from a single source. Once the communication is completed the chat can be ended. In other words, you don’t need to create separate groups on other apps to interact. Text to video, you can do it all on Zoomée. Plus, not one, two or twenty, Zoomée can accommodate up to 100 participants. An exceptional option for corporations. 

Privacy is priority

Zoomée provides two-factor authentication and offers end-to-end encryption to ensure all your chats and meetings are secured between you and your team. It gives you all the control to block, allow and interact with other users on the app who you prefer. Plus, personal details are not started with any new user unless you allow it. Further, Zoomée has a policy of not keeping any user data to itself. In other words, whatever you do on Zoomée is periodically removed from the app, leaving no trace. 

Video calling like never before

We all have done video conferencing and understand how dull and boring it can be. Not with Zoomée. The platform understands that people spend hours on these calls and after a point, it gets tiresome for them. So, Zoomée has a bunch of video conferencing features including background changes, chats, masks, effects, a variety of props, stickers and more lined up to make your meeting much more entertaining. 

Easy User Experience 

One of the best bits about Zoomée is it’s easy to user interface. A user practically doesn’t require any learning curve and if they have ever used a video conferencing app before, this will just be a breeze. This is important because a lot of apps have really complex interfaces. So, even though they are able to attract customers, they fail to retain them. 

Other notable features 

  • Drawing tool: draw, highlight and make notes in real time. 
  • Q&A: conduct polls on a variety of topics and share it with your friends and colleagues in the group. 
  • Share your screen: Easily share your screen and conduct detailed presentations without any hindrance. 
  • Record chats: With just a click of a button you  can record all your conversations. 

Zoomée vs Any Other Video Chat App

There are several competitors to Zoomée. So, what makes this video chat app better than others? Here are some notable points to consider. 

Video Recording: Not all video chat apps provide recording options, Zoomée does. This is of great benefit for students and professionals who need to go back to the chats. 

Several video calling features: From stickers to backgrounds, meeting scheduling, etc, the video app hosts a ton of features for its customers which is unlikely for a new app. 

Highly Secure:  Zoomée trusts its security and boasts about it which is why a lot of people are attracted to the app. 

Budget-friendly: When compared to similar video conferencing apps out there, Zoomée is very affordable so that everyone can use it. 

Zoomée is a modern video calling and chatting application available for the web, iOS and Android. If you want to experience a referring video calling experience try this app. 


Is Zoomée free to use? 

You can start using Zoomée for free. But, there are some advanced features that you might need to pay for. However, the app is very affordable. 

How many people can join in one meeting on Zoomée? 

You can add up to 100 participants here. This is a special feature that not a lot of video apps provide. 

Is Zoomée better than Zoom? 

Both Zoomée and Zoom are Video conferencing apps with their own sets of features. When compared, you can see that Zoomée might have a little bit of an upper hand with its many features when compared with Zoom. 

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