7 Best Online Games to Play With Friends

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Online games are something that we have learned to appreciate a lot in the last couple of years. One such platform worth exploring is https://pickerwheel.com/, a stylish wheel spinner with various functions and customization options that will help you choose your preferred game. There are external factors that can keep us away from our friends and family, but that doesn’t mean we still cannot spend some time together having fun. That is why we present to you some of the best online games that you can play with your friends remotely and have the time of your life!


This game is a fun one and your goal is to fool your friends into choosing a false answer. There are dozens of trivia questions that you should answer and the point is to get the points by answering correctly. But if you manage to psych your friends into picking your own fictitious answer, you also get the points!


Plato is not a specific game, but a great app with chat that features dozens of multiplayer games. This platform has Battleship, UNO, Ludo, and a variety of other trendy card games that you and your friends can enjoy. What’s more, you can add up to hundred friends to play and chat with at the same time, creating a perfect game night. 

Online Casino Games

Thanks to the latest technology, today we can enjoy a vast variety of casino games online and share them with our friends. The biggest thanks go to the live casino games which feature live dealers and you can chat with your friends while you are trying out different casino games. You can play lightning roulette online, live baccarat, poker, blackjack, you name it! The trick is in finding a good casino site that features games that you all like, and you can do that by reading reviews of casinos and the games they feature. Good luck!

Scrabble Go

Everyone loves a good game of Scrabble, but not everyone has time to get together for a game night. Luckily, there is a Scrabble Go game which is a great virtual adaptation of the popularly-loved classic. You can add up to four friends to play with you and therefore, you have to pick your opponents intelligently. You can easily find this game in the app store, download it and play for as long as you can come up with great words!


If you miss great spy and mystery-solving games like Cluedo, Spyfall will be your new favorite. In Spyfall, the “spy” is arbitrarily chosen while other players are provided a location. Then, players have to ask questions to each other in order to reveal and predict who is in on the top-secret before the spy finds what’s going on. 

Time Heist

Time Heist is as exciting as it sounds – you are split into two time-traveling teams and pit against each other in a fight of minds. Every team has a captain who will have permission to look over the screen during the game. The captains then must help their teams predict the answer to trivia questions based on certain categories. There are also three modes in this game – Fast, Regular, and Legend mode. 


Four is similar to Scrabble but has a Battleship swivel. You will have a “bucket” of colorful balls and an arbitrary collection of letters. In this game, you can produce only four-letter words from the collection of letters you got, and every time you produce the right word, a ball from the bucket will pop. If you secure four right words in a row, you will respawn or add two balls to the bucket of your opponent.

The internet is filled with amazing online multiplayer games, and these are just a few good examples. If you cannot hang out with your friends in person, you can always try out some of these games and have an amazing virtual game night!