Appvalley- an alternative to the IOS App store


Appvalley is a great alternative app installer where you can easily find out tweak apps, paid and hacked games. You can download and install apps like MovieBox, Crunchyroll, Spotify++ which are payable on the IOS official app store but on Appvalley it’s completely free of cost. . Good news for you that there will no need to jailbreak or root of your IOS device. Jailbreak or rooting a device is not an easy job to all so, Appvalley is a great option where no rooting needed. You can use this app installer in a simple way. The developers of Appvalley will keep you update and you will not miss any new features, apps, and games here. The UI interface looks cool and anyone can access it very easily.

Download and Install Appvalley on your IOS device:

As Appvalley is a third-party unofficial App, you will not found it on the official app store of IOS. You need to directly download from the developer website.

Scroll down and Follow the steps one by one:

1. Open safari browser on your iPhone or Ipad.

2. Paste on the address bar of the browser and go.

3. After entering the homepage you will find a download button, please tap on it.

4.  A new popup window will open and you will find the “Configuration Profile” button, please go through it.

5.  You need to give installation permission now. You can do it easily by following simple steps.

  Go to Settings>General>profile>now select the Appvalley profile>Tap on the ‘allow’ button.

6. Now you can easily install it.

7. On the home screen you will find the icon of Appvalley.

How to use Appvalley:

1. Go to the Home screen of your device and tap on the Appvalley icon.

2. You will able to see lot of tweaked apps and hacked games here.

4. You can search your desired apps and games on the search bar.

3. Before installing any app make sure you don’t have a similar app that is already installed on the device.

 For example, You already have Spotify on your device, if you want to install spotify++ then you need to uninstall the previous one.


How safe Appvaley is?

Yes, it is completely safe. As you are not jailbreaking or rooting your device you don’t need to worry about privacy and stealing information. However, this App installer may have some tweaks or features that may cause jailbreaking. We will recommend you to remove those features and keep a guaranteed warranty.

Is it totally virus free?

The team of developers constantly keeps their eye on every app of Appvalley. They are keeping your device far away from harmful viruses and malicious attacks.

Try to avoid download the app installer from their oldest (before Feb 10, 2019) domain link because it may be suspicious. The newest link is not getting a lot of traffic that’s why it is not visible in the search engine and by default oldest link is visible still now, so be aware of that.

Is Appvalley legal?

As we have discussed that there no need to jailbreak. You are not breaking the security of official IOS. You are installing the app installer like any other app store Application. And the warranty of your device will not affect, so you can be assured that this App installer is 100% legal.

Why should I use a VPN?

Using a VPN will keep you always safe. Apple cannot track what you are doing with the device. The certificate of your device will not revoke. Some apps may not work in your region and you have faced this problem several times. But with the help of a VPN, we can get rid off of it.

How the team of developers is aware?

Their developer’s team is amazing with their indefatigable support 24*7 hours. No matter you have premium memberships or not. They are responsible to keep you updated every time. They will let you know when the app is revoked and will try to re-verify as soon as possible.