Runcorn Bridge Tolls How To Pay


The Widnes to Runcorn Bridges are now toll bridges

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The toll for crossing the Runcorn Bridge or the Mersey Gateway Bridge varies depending on the type of vehicle you are driving and also whether you have pre-registered your vehicle or not. Runcorn bridge tolls how to pay either in advance or if you have already crossed the new Mersey Gateway Bridge or the old Silver Jubilee Bridge.

Local buses, emergency services, motorcycles or military vehicles will not have to pay to cross any of the bridges.

If you have not pre-registered your vehicle, you will have to pay the full toll fee of £2.00 for class 2, £6.00 for class 3 and £8.00 for class 4. The easiest way to pay is by calling the Runcorn bridge tolls payment line on 0843 455 2364. This is a call routing service, and you will be connected to the Merseyflow payment team.

What is the Runcorn Bridge toll if you live in Halton? You can cross both bridges free of charge once you have registered your vehicle and paid your £10.00 yearly administration fee. Read more…

Blue Badge Drivers can also cross both bridges free once you have registered and paid a one-off £5.00 fee. Read more

Anyone, no matter where you live, can get a 10% discount off the unregistered tolls price, by registering for a pre-pay sticker and pay a £5.00 one-off administration fee. Read more…

Method of Paymentruncorn bridge toll class1class2 bridge tollsclass3 Mersey Gateway bridge tollsclass4 river mersey bridge tollsStandard Toll DiscountNotes
Sticker registeredFree£1.80£5.40£7.2010%Sticker & Registration Discount.
Video registeredFree£1.90£5.70£7.605%If You Have Registered, But No Sticker
Unregistered toll
(no discount)
Free£2.00£6.00£8.000%Unregistered Users Pay Full Tolls
“Pay As You Go.”

Class 2 vehicle can buy two types of MONTHLY PASSES.

class2 Runcorn bridge toll Types Of Passes Monthly Cost Times Valid
Unlimited £90 All Bridges Any Time
Off Peak £60 Between 19.00 – 07.00 Mon – Fri
Between 10.00 – 16.00 Mon – Fri
Sat-Sun & Public Holidays All Times

Runcorn Bridge Toll

The Mersey Gateway Bridge is a multi-million-pound scheme located between Wildness and Runcorn, England. The bridge has six lanes, three lanes for each direction, and crosses the River Mersey in Cheshire. The core part of this bridge construction project was the Mersey Gateway Bridge. The bridge spans Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey and is a tolled bridge. The bridge is roughly 1.5 kilometres eastwards of the Silver Jubilee Bridge. The project also comprises of a main civil work that allying the already in hand road network. Making new cross points and making landscapes in the 9 km part of the highway.

The highway was opened in 2017 autumn and had a cost of approximately 1.75 billion Euros. This new route means quicker, more reliable and more accessible journeys through River Mersey. The tolling system imposed eradicates the tolling booths along the highway. Also, this helps to reduce the time taken to cross the river and also minimises congestion in the roadway. This tolling system also offers some discounts depending on your registration. The tolling discount varies from one person to another, and their options include the owners of Blue Badge, residents of Halton, pre-pay accounts and monthly passes. Motorcycles and buses are the only exemption of the toll.

Runcorn Bridge Toll Fines

At the Mersey Gateway Bridge, a charging scheme is in operational, and every user is liable for payment on every trip they make across the newly made Mersey Gateway Bridge and the old Silver Jubilee Bridge. A penalty is charged £40 for every vehicle that crosses the bridge and exceeds the payment period. The latest one can pay to avoid the penalty is by midnight of the day after crossing. If this period erupts when you have not made the payment, you will be served with a Penalty Charge Notice. This notice is in the form of a document and is issued to the person responsible for the vehicle or the registered keeper. Read more about Runcorn bridge fines.

Silver Jubilee Bridge

The Silver Jubilee Bridge is the existing bridge that crosses the river Mersey between Runcorn & Widnes. The Silver Jubilee Bridge was opened on the 21st July 1961 and is temporarily closed for refurbishment and the fitting of a tolling system. Due to the fact that the new Mersey Gateway bridge has no footpath or cycle path. The old Silver Jubilee Bridge is still open for those purposes.

If you feel that you have had a wrongfully fine for crossing the Runcorn bridge, you have the right to appeal. See the information on on the appeal process.

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